Her foot in our mouths

Posted On April 19, 2008

Filed under funny quotes, The Tyrant

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A few months ago, Bear (my super awesome boyfriend) got really annoyed with a driver on the freeway. The kids were in the car so, he manages to keep it somewhat clean when he says “How appropriate! That guy is wearing a skull condom.” In case you need help with the visual…
The comment was meant for just me. But I am pretty sure the Tyrant only hears things that she is not meant to and completely ignores anything she doesn’t want to hear.

Later that evening, we stopped at a gas station/7-11 for a Slurpee. The Tyrant gets out of the back seat and sees a guy pumping gas with the aforemeantioned headgear. She shouts “DAD! Look! That guy is wearing a Skull Condom!!!” Her sisters burst out laughing. And of course, both Bear and I look at each other, not sure if we should laugh or turn bright red. The Tyrant looks at her giggling sisters and shouts, “Well, he is! Its a GIANT BLUE SKULL CONDOM!” By this point we are all laughing as we quickly usher her into the store.

One Response to “Her foot in our mouths”

  1. pkinsella

    You forgot to stress that she said it in that long winded, drawn out “skuuuuuulllll coooonnndom” way. 🙂

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