The Show has earned her golden gloves

Posted On May 9, 2008

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I got the phone call yesterday at work. The Show got into her very first fight, at school. A million things go through my head at once. Is she okay? Did she get hurt? What happened? Who started it? Was she helping someone or stand up for herself? Deep down I knew that she didn’t start it but I just couldn’t handle the not knowing.

I remember when I was about her age, I got into my first fight. In gym class, we were playing floor hockey for about a week. Monday through Thursday these two girls were picking on me and would hit me accross the shins with thier sticks whenever possible. I talked to the Gym teacher about it on Tuesday after class. He just shrugged and said he would pay more attention. Wednesday, they had gotten worse and I could have sworn that he saw them do it. Thursday one of them hit my leg so hard, it bleed. So, by Friday, I had had enough. The first time that one of them took at swing at my legs, I pulled the classic hockey move.. Stick-Gloves-Shirt and started punching her. The other girl jumped in and I got my ass handed to me. I got suspended for a few days but I was left alone after that.

The Show finally told us what happened, after icing her fat lip. Apparently, the girl she fought was a new girl and she had been picking on her all week. The Show asked her a few times to stop but it wasn’t helping. Finally, she asked a friend to tag along to make sure it wouldn’t turn into a fight and went and confronted her directly. The Show asked her again to stop messing with her. The new girl said, “I bet you want me to back down now?” The Show says, “Yeah, please.” But the girl heard, “Yeah, pussy.” And attacked her. The Show fought back and ended up sitting on top of her attacker. When the girl wouldn’t give up, she bounced her head off the floor and ask “Are you done, yet?”

I can’t help the feeling of pride that has surged through me. She stood up for herself and even tried to stop the problem for getting bigger. But when push came ot shove, she shoved back.

One Response to “The Show has earned her golden gloves”


    Body blow. Body blow. Riiiiiiight hook. Go show, go.

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