We have come so far….

Posted On May 15, 2008

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I was looking at pictures today from the last 2 years. And I realized how far we have come as a family. We really are a family now, we weren’t in the begining.

The Mother Hen did not like me one bit. She use to tell her dad that I gave her dirty looks all the time. Now, I am the first person she looks for when she has a boy that needs to be talked about. She trusts me and that means so much to me.

The Show really didn’t care one way or another about me. She did what she always does and tried to make everyone laugh and smile. Now, that we know eachother she shows me her true self. She has more depth than anyone would believe and she is wise beyond her years. When everyone is looking at her performance, she always looks back and sees right through them.

The Tyrant and I have always gotten along in our own way. She is really rather shy with most people so she always kept me at arms length. Now, when she is tired, she will crawl up into my lap and rest her head on my shoulder.

Of course, Bear and I have grown too. The kids calls us an old married couple and always laugh when we act that way. We still hold hands and laugh a lot, but we are so much closer now.

In the begining, the idea that he had three kids scared the hell out of me. Now, I don’t know what I would do without them. The four of them make me feel whole. I just hope that I do the same for them.


3 Responses to “We have come so far….”

  1. bill

    It’s easy to see how you feel about them, and how far you’ve all come. Sounds like it goes both ways, and that makes you all very lucky. Great insights into their different personalities.

    This post has all good stuff.

  2. pkinsella

    It definitely goes both ways. We love you, Beautiful, and we could never have made it without you.

  3. Tricia

    It’s true that sometimes the strongest families are the ones that come together as broken pieces and then form a whole.

    Funny…I’ve been signing off on email and text to my stepdaughter for years as…Love from your Wicked Step Mom.

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