"I am not an oxsious!"

Posted On May 19, 2008

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When I was a kid, my brother and I never got along. We were always bickering and fighting about one thing or another. I know that Bear and I are lucky, because the kids honestly just don’t fight that much. When The Tyrant is a bad mood, she fights with everyone. Most of the time though, they get along very well.

We were driving in the car this weekend, with all three kids crammed in the back of a Ford Focus. The kids were all kind of having a bad day. There was a lot of pushing and shoving going on. “Stop touching me!” “You squishing me!” “Stop hitting me!” Just as Bear and I were about to say something about it, The Mother Hen looks at The Tyrant, “Stop being obnoxious!” The Tyrant gasped and then shrieks, “I am not an oxsious!” The entire car starts laughing. And the fight has finally been forgotten.


One Response to “"I am not an oxsious!"”

  1. billandjill.com

    Funny! I recently told my sons they were being rambunctious. My 3½-year-old, Liam (‘Weem’ aka ‘Beans’), stopped what he was doing and yelled, “Weem is Beans, not ‘bunctious!”

    He’s been ‘Bunctious’ ever since.

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