What is normal anyway?

Posted On May 27, 2008

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This weekend, a friend of The Mother Hen’s came over and spent the day and night with us. It went really well but I can’t help but wonder what that kid is thinking now that she is home. She and her parents do not get along very well and are rarely home.

We had a normal weekend for us… Saturday night we all sat down on the porch on a blanket and had dinner. We made quesadillas and passed around salsa and jokes. Every night that we are together we all have dinner together. Most of the time there is a lot of laughing involved. And dinner is not over until someone says, “Hey, I was trying to take a drink. Are you trying to make it come out of my nose?” My understanding is that this kid almost never has dinner with her parents and if she does, it is for a holiday.

Later that evening, we rented movies from the video store and prepared snacks for movie night. Normally, we all watch a few movies together, but Bear and I skipped this time (much to everyone’s disappointment) and watched game one of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Mother Hen’s friend had to ask why everyone was upset. And the answer she received was “We love Movie night when we are all together. It is just not as fun without our parents.”

Sunday started with breakfast and insults from room to room and more laughter. Most families probably don’t insult each other and laugh as much as we do. Our parenting theory is, there are two kinds of bullies, physical ones and emotional ones. Our kids have thick skin and a sharp wit because we foster it. We call our home “The Shark Tank.” The friend spent most of Sunday morning with her eyes really big. She had never seen anything like it.

In the afternoon, we went to the park. Both Bear and I got involved in chasing the kids around the park. She would just stare at us. She didn’t even know how to react. I honestly felt really bad for her and her parents. Our kids talk to us about everything. They aren’t afraid to ask questions and truly talk to us.

I know that sounds really naive because anyone out there with teenagers will think I am crazy. But, we have earned their trust and their respect because we had to fight for them and still do. Most teenagers think that their parents don’t care or don’t get it. We have had the luxury (or challenge, depending on how you look at it) of being tested. We still have to fight for them because their mother just doesn’t care about them.

I wish that more families were like ours. I know that there are some out there but I think the world would be a better place if every child knew for a fact that their parents truly cared and truly had their best interests in mind.

One Response to “What is normal anyway?”

  1. bill

    If your life were a TV show… it might be called “The Shark Tank”, and the credits would be rolling against you all sitting on a blanket, eating on the front porch.

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