So much for that trick…

Posted On June 12, 2008

Filed under Bear, parenting, The Tyrant

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As a parent, from time to time, I find myself spelling words to Bear so that the youngest won’t know what we are saying specifically. I know all parents have done it and it is a pretty useful thing when you are talking about upcoming trips either the fun ones or the not so fun ones.

Tonight, we were all eating dinner together and Bear asks me, “When are we going to the z-o-o?” I replied, “I am not sure.” The Tyrant’s face lights up, “Sweet! We are going to the zoo!” Bear looks at her, blinks and then huffs, “Stupid second-grade reading level!”

It is the end of an era, we will no longer be able to spell out small/medium sized words to trick her. I couldn’t be more proud of our little first grade graduate.

P.S. I am moving! I got myself one of those fancy domain names. I will now be available at I will leave this site up while I transition over but please start using the new address. I am eventually going to change blog hosting too.

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