I finally understand, Dad…

I will always remember my favorite Christmas present from when I was a kid. I was about 9 years old when my parents gave me a set of Fisher Price adjustable in-line skates. They were the kind that you wore tennis shoes and tightened the skate around them. I don’t really even remember if I asked for them, or it it was just something they thought we might enjoy. At first thaw, I remember being very excited because I could finally go and try them out.

The first ride was pretty painful because I spent more time on my butt then on my skates. The second and third were better. By the end of the week, I couldn’t stay off of them. When my friends would ride their bikes, I would skate along side them. My dad use to watch me all of the time when I was skating. He use to insist that I stay close to the house, so that he could watch. I use to get so mad because I thought he didn’t trust me or was too scared that I would get hurt.

As I got older and I got new pairs of skates, he still would insist that I spent some time skating near the house. He would tell that me that he enjoyed to watch me. Being a kid, I didn’t understand so I thought that he was just smothering me. I use to deliberately try to not skate near the house. I would even take my skates off down the block and walk the rest of the way home.

When I started college and there was less time for fun, I stopped skating as much. He would ask every time that he saw me if I was still skating. I would say “No, too much stuff to do.” He would always look disappointed and I was never really sure why. I wasn’t sure if he thought that I was getting overweight or if I was less healthy or something.

But, on Father’s Day, I finally understood. I was sitting with him watching the girls and Bear play with his dog Max. They were running around, laughing and having fun. He and I just sat there and watched them for a while. That is when I finally got it. I was an awkward kid and I still don’t really fit in well with my family, but when I was skating I was truly happy and having fun. He would enjoy watching me have fun, just as I enjoyed watching the girls on Sunday. So Dad, I finally understand why you wanted to watch me so much. I am sorry I was kind of a butt-hole about it.

The moment ended, as all touching moments do. Bear announced that it was time to leave. The Tyrant asked, “Why Daddy?” And Bear said, “Because Sonny wants some peace for Father’s Day, you dog terrorists!”


One Response to “I finally understand, Dad…”

  1. Tricia

    It’s amazing how being a mom gives us little glimpses of insight into what our own parents felt. I’ve had a couple of those moments and picked up the phone to call my mom and say, “Hey, I finally get it!!” She’s always thrilled when a light bulb goes off.

    PS: My favorite Christmas present ever was an Easy Bake Oven.

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