America, where did we go wrong with our daughters?

Posted On June 25, 2008

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I caught this story in the national headlines… A teen pregnancy pact made by 17 high school students.  I am sure that tons of people are going to be blogging about this but I am back on my soap box.  I just don’t understand where the parents are for teens these days.  Do they just figure that since the kids are now 13 years old that they can start running their own lives and the parents no longer have a responsibility for their kids?  Or have we just become that selfish that we don’t care about what happens to our children?

A while ago, Jamie Lynn Spears announced her pregnancy to the world.  A young cousin to the girls was also pregnant so seemed like a good idea to have a talk with them about it.  I will never forget what they said when I asked them what they thought about teens getting pregnant.  Here is what they had to say about the topic.

The Mother Hen – “I want kids, one day… you know like when I am 30.”

The Show – “I am never having kids, they are too much work.  I see what you guys have to put up with.”

The Tyrant – “Babies are dumb.  All they do is sleep, poop and throw up on you.”

I can’t help but wonder how many parents missed the opportunity to hear what their kids had to say on the topic.  Can you imagine that some girls want to get pregnant so that they will feel loved?  To me, that says something and it is not a good thing.  How many times do we miss opportunities with our kids to do something else we would rather do?  How many of us are sending the message to our kids that we don’t love them? 

I am not saying that I am perfect or even that people should talk to thier kids the way we talk to ours.  I am just saying, next time you are in the room with your kids, take a moment and remind them that you love them and care what they have to say.  You would be surprised how much insight they really have sometimes.


3 Responses to “America, where did we go wrong with our daughters?”

  1. Over-Medicated Housewife

    I was horrifed by this story too…these teenagers seem to be celebrating it, oh, they don’t know what they are in for! Very sad.

  2. Amy

    I too talk to my children about most everything and big topics like this gives a great opportunity! I believe that as a society America expects children to grow up too fast! Children live up to what is expected of them and if boyfriends, cell phones, drugs, etc … is considered ‘normal’ teen activity, then it will be! My children are expected to be children even at thirteen my daughter plays dolls, puts on skits and climbs trees, as children should!

  3. Tricia

    This is a sad story indeed, and the fact that the girls no regard for what role a father would play and should play also says a tremendous amount regarding our society.

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