Are they spoiled?

I found an article on today titled “Is Your Child Spoiled?”  There were 3 signs to tell.  So, I decided to put our girls to the test.

1) The cafeteria dining plan -This is where you prepare a special meal for your kid each and every night.   We don’t do this but we do have battles over food.  Over the same meal, we will hear the following: “Its too spicy!” “Its too bland!” “Your taste buds are different than mine.”  (Check out The War for Dinner , if you want to know more.)

2) Tantrums – We all know what tantrums are…  I wonder if they count the teen/pre-teen girl huff-foot-stomp combo.  The foot goes down, the arms get crossed and a noise that is something between a sigh and a grunt comes out of their mouths.  They all do this one…  Its maddening!!

3) Extreme dependence on parents – This is when you can’t leave your kid anywhere without them throwing a fit.  We have the exact opposite problem…  “Thanks for the cash, bye!”  “Going to Rollerblade, see ya!” “Do you guys have to come?”

So, are they spoiled?  The jury is still out, but it could be so much worse.  After all, had to do an entire article on “over-indulged” children… 

4 Responses to “Are they spoiled?”

  1. Tricia

    Seriously, I thought the measure of being spoiled was the kid who throws a fit in the grocery store because he wants a new matchbox car, and the parents give in every time just to stop the screaming. OK, so I only gave in once. ughhh.

  2. wendycaff

    No of course they aren’t spoiled… Just very well-loved.

    And you know, they’re only kids once. Don’t worry so much about letting them be kids for now. And I don’t think the teen girl thing is a tantrum. I have seen a teen girl kick and scream like a 2 year old. *That’s* a tantrum.

    What you’re doing isn’t spoiling, it’s *loving.*

    And Tricia, only once??

  3. Cathy Burke

    It’s official then: my kids are spoiled! My 8 yr old is on that cafeteria plan. He often gets a supplemented meal (from the white food group) in order to join us. Both my kids still have tantrums and are extremely dependent on us. I mean: on me. “not you Daddy!” However my stepdaughter was worse at this age and is now the perfect child. It is never too late to change! I would trade the girl huffing for my boys punching each other in the face. It is true: it could always be worse. And it will-just wait.

  4. Spoiled « Life and Times of a Wicked Step Mom

    […] when articles are posted about whether or not your children are spoiled. I have written about this once before.   Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t think the girls are spoiled, but I love […]

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