Booster Seat? Hotdog!

Posted On July 7, 2008

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They passed a law in our state that requires all children under 4’10” to ride in a booster seat in the back seat of a car.  The Tyrant is currently 4’2″ and has not ridden in a car seat or booster seat since she was about 4 years old.  This weekend we broke the news to her that for our family vacation/road trip she is going to have to ride in a booster seat.  This was her reaction:

“NO!!!  I don’t want to ride in a booster seat!  Booster seats are for babies!  Don’t make me!  Puh-lease!!!!!!”  This was followed by a lot of foot stomping and arm crossing.

The Show looked at her and said “I don’t know, having your own seat sounds pretty cool.”

The Tyrant replied “NO!!!  I don’t want to ride in a booster seat!  Booster seats are for babies!”

I finally said “Well, you know, all of your friends are going to have to ride in one and you are taller than they are so they will have to be in them longer than you.”  This statement made her stop and think.

She wasn’t sold on the idea until we were in the store and Bear picked her up and put her in one of the boosters on display.  “Hey, this is pretty comfy.  Do you think I can get this one, Daddy?”  So, of course, that is the one that we bought. Once we were outside, she demanded that we put it together and pouted on the ride home because she couldn’t use her new seat.

After we got home, we started making dinner.  The Tyrant kept eagerly looking at the box and then looking at Bear.  She didn’t want to ask him to put it together but she couldn’t wait for it either.  Finally, after dinner she said, “Daddy, Daddy, please please please put my buster seat together.”  After it was assembled she spend the rest of the night sitting on it while it was propped up on the couch.  I am so glad she is excited about it, we definately dodged the bullet on this one.


5 Responses to “Booster Seat? Hotdog!”

  1. Tricia

    That’s just precious. I love it when children eagerly change their minds. I can’t imagine the daily struggle if she hadn’t fallen in love with her buster seat.

  2. ntsc

    What do they do about adults who are under 4’10”? And I’ve known at least three.

  3. awickedstepmom

    The law says under 4’10” or younger than 8. So, if you 8 or an adult, you don’t have to use one. The Tyrant is 7.

  4. wendycaff

    Booster seat, schmooster seat. I haven’t made my son use a booster since last August. He’s almost 6. I really don’t know quite how tall he is, I think about 4’3″. I’m pretty sure this is a law here, too, but he has short legs and a long torso. The seatbelt isn’t on his neck, so I say no problem.

    Anyhoo, glad you’re obeying the laws anyway, and super glad for you that she decided she likes it.

  5. Cathy Burke

    Don’t you love how something has to be her idea?

    I also favor reverse psychology but my little one is wise to me and calls my bluff.

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