Life isn’t fair…

The other night, The Tyrant got a new wind up fishing game.  The kind with the magnetic polls and the fish with magnets in their mouths.  She spent the whole night running around, shouting “I got a fish!”

Everyone played with her at one point or another.  When it was Bear’s turn, she started snagging fish with her poll before the game even started.  Bear looked at her and shouted, “Hey!  You are cheating!  That is not fair!”  The Tyrant looks at him and in all seriousness says, “Life isn’t fair, Dad.  Life isn’t fair…”  While he was blinking at her in shock, she started giggling and ran off.


One Response to “Life isn’t fair…”

  1. Shamelessly Sassy

    hahahaha. that is hilarious.

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