Where’s the honor?

Posted On July 10, 2008

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I was reading about a Dad charged with an “honor killing” of his daughter.  The daughter was unhappy with an arranged marriage and wanted out.  Instead of allowing a divorce or annulment, the father killed her to maintain honor in their family.  But, I have to ask, where is the honor?

In many countries, and in some places in this country, women are nothing more than property.  They are used as bargaining chips and are expected to comply with whatever their father/brother/husband wants them to do.  Is there honor in forcing a woman to blindly obey the words of men?  Is there honor in making an entire gender slaves?  Is there honor in putting your own desires in front of that of your child by forcing them into a marriage that they do not want?

I am not some crazy feminist that screams from the rooftops about women’s rights.  I just find that I care a lot more now about women’s rights because I am the part of three young girls lives.

One Response to “Where’s the honor?”

  1. Tricia

    This story is from here in Metro Atlanta when I live.

    I have a really, really hard time wrapping my brain around the idea that it could ever be possible to kill your child…to somehow think that it’s more painful to endure the shame of divorce than to honor life, and that the very idea of shame could compel anyone to murder their child. I don’t think we can regard other cultures through the lenses of Western values, but this just blows my mind, regardless of culture.

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