Apple Fries

So, Bear and I had a nice quiet , no kid lunch the other day.  (Not that I mind a loud lunch where we discuss Chocolate Chip cookie, liverwurst and mayonnaise sandwiches… )  Part of the “price” was that we were suppose to pick up some apple fries from Burger King on the way home.  They are the new thing and are pretty close to McDonald’s Apple Dippers but they are in the shape of fries and the girls wanted to try them.

When we got to BK, they informed us that they were completely out.  “Oh no!  They are going to kill us!”, I said to Bear.  “They are going to mutilateour corpses!” Bear confirmed.  “If you hear about two people that died from strangulation and their mutilated corpses are by the freeway, its probably us!” I said laughing about it.  Then this girl behind the counter said, “OH MY GOD!  Its just an apple, just cut it up!  It will be fine!  Geez!” 

I bit back a pretty heated retort and instead said to Bear on the way out, “She obviously doesn’t have kids.”  And Bear said, “Lets give her ours for the day and see if she thinks cutting up an apple is “fine”.  Perhaps The Tyrant can teach her a few things about using knives.”


4 Responses to “Apple Fries”

  1. Wendy

    What is *wrong* with people. Thomas hates to go to fast food places because he always seems to get people like her. Maybe it’s his accent. It makes you just want to look at him/her, smile very sweetly, and say, “This is why you only make $6 an hour and they only give you 20 hours a week. Now I hope you have a great day!”


    Yeah, obviously has no kids.

  3. Tricia

    That girl needs some customer service training! And, I’d just like to say “dido” to what Wendy wrote.

  4. Amy

    I agree, someone with no kids!

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