Here…. fishy, fishy, fishy!

Posted On July 22, 2008

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While we were on vacation, we spent a lot of time at the beach.  Bear was telling the girls that if you are really patient, the minnows will nibble the dead skin off of your feet and it tickles but is pretty cool.  So, for about an hour, all three girls were sitting near the shore, trying to get the minnows to nibble. 

Finally, they started nibbling on The Show’s feet.  “AHH!  OH MY GOD!  That is the most disgusting feeling ever!” she shrieked.  She started to try to get away from the minons and they chased her.  She ran around, arms flailing screaming “GET AWAY FROM ME FISHY!”

 The next time that she asks for a pedicure, I think I am going to offer her one of these!

4 Responses to “Here…. fishy, fishy, fishy!”

  1. Tricia

    You can tell her it’s the budget friendly pedicure, or if she’s not keen on being financially frugal, just tell her a minnow pedi is all the rage in Europe. The next hot thing and isn’t she cool for being one of the first to adopt the trend here in the U.S. (It sounds good anyway).

  2. Wendy

    You should definitely get her one. They were talking about the fish pedi on Good Morning America yesterday and I really really want one. It sounds so gentle and I wouldn’t have to worry that the fish thought I had ugly feet.

  3. Jen

    I heard about this on my favorite radio show and thought they were joking, then I heard the price, $25 for 15 minutes? I think you found the freebie where you were. Ugh, the way my feet look, it would be a couple hundred Washingtons to bring my toes back to rights. (I could have left that part out…but why?)

  4. Angela Chen Shui

    I just heard and blogged about this earlier – late but I can’t wait to try one. I used to breed tropical aquarium fishes and they feel cute when they forget to run away from the net enough to investigate that hand holding the net… 😉

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