Some decisions are easy…

Radio Disney vs. Waterboarding

We got in the car ths weekend after too many hours at the zoo.  Everyone is cranky and tired and the back seat is filled with arguing.  So, I pulled out the parental trump card.  “If you guys can behave, I will turn the radio to Radio Disney.”  Of course, they all agreed to be perfect little angels for the rest of the ride.  It is important to point out that Bear and I have never listened to Radio Disney and did not know exactly what we were getting into.

Spewing from the speakers was our worst nightmare.  High School Musical + Camp Rock + Hannah Montana = Parental Torture of the highest magnitude!!  I am driving my car, fighting the urge to end the torture by driving into a brick wall at 90 mph and suddenly, water-boarding seems like a kindness.


6 Responses to “Some decisions are easy…”

  1. Tricia

    I am laughing out loud and thanking my lucky stars that my little guy LOVES the easy-listening stations with oldies, and he loves rock ‘n roll, but he does sit in the back of the car and ask for the music to be louder, louder mommy, louder, louder, louder…oh my goodness. When I can see people looking at us while we’re stopped for a red light and they’ve noticed the whole car is dancing to the beat, I realize I may be promoting hearing loss. I’m so glad you didn’t decide to hit that brick wall, and I’m going to take this as a warning not to discover Radio Disney.

  2. Wendy

    Thank God mine don’t even know what Radio Disney is. And now they never, let me repeat it, never will. They like my music, mostly, but I think the rock can be a little too much for them at times. Noah wants an MP3 player for his birthday so he can listen to Kidz Boppz or something. I think I’m going to get it for him.

    I also would have considered driving into a brick wall, by the way. So glad you didn’t because then I couldn’t read your blog!

  3. Sprite's Keeper

    He he, Radio Disney? I have never seen High School Musical, but somehow watched the tv talent show which has kids trying to be in Number 3 last night and am now a little curious. Am I going backwards?
    Sorry, still picturing Mickey in a sound booth and it’s making me giggle!

  4. awickedstepmom

    If it were just Mickey in a sound booth, that wouldn’t be so bad, Sprite’s Keeper. Picture Back Street Boys meets young, sane Britney Spears and you will get the idea!

  5. billandjill

    Getting crowded in here! Congrats on your rising popularity… Looks like my very first comment on your very first post has come to pass ;0)

  6. awickedstepmom

    Thanks for the continued support Bill! 🙂

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