Rant Mode – Engaged!

Posted On July 30, 2008

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Internet, I am really frustrated today.  I have had too much B.S. in 24 hours and I can’t take anymore!  The following is a list of things that have gotten under my skin today.  This not an exclusive list, just the top of the list of garbage.


1) People who argue just to prove how smart they are.  — For those of you who don’t know, I work in the computer industry.  I work mostly on servers for e-mail and file shares and do a lot of security related work.  And I have to tell you, computer dorks are always trying to prove how smart they are.  They will argue with you if they think they are right in any stretch of the imagination just so that they can be right.  Bear and I have a theory about this…  “Computer dorks have to prove how smart they are because it is all they have ever had going for them.”  Of course, this does not apply to everyone but mostly to the truly geeky ones that have spent their entire lives trying to find a way to one-up the jocks that picked on them in high school.


2) My brand new coffee maker out of the box dumps gallons of water all over my counter.  — Coffee is the proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy…  or was that beer?  Either way, I got a new Pods coffee maker and it started spewing water all over the counter from the bottom.  Seriously, cold water was pouring all over my counter and soaked through three towels and the owners manual.  And yes, I did assemble it correctly!  So, I will be listening to elevator music tonight while I am on hold waiting to talk to a representative to answer the phone.


3) People who bully others to get their way. –I am not talking about school yard bullies.  I am talking about adults who use their positions or connections to force others to do what they want.  I know everyone has had to deal with this sort of person at some point in their lives.  These people are just out in force lately. 


4) Parents who would rather demean their children for their mistakes than offer praise for their accomplishments. –I see this way too often.  Parents demeaning their children for missing a goal in a game.  Parents asking their children, “Are you stupid or something?” when they get a bad grade.  And far too often in restaurants I hear, “Don’t order dessert, you are fat enough already.”  Why is it so hard for these people to say nice things?  I think I will never know but is doesn’t stop me from wanting to smack the living hell right out of these people.


5) Veterans of the Iraqi War who drive Honda Civics while proudly displaying their veterans status. –I seriously saw this on the commute in this morning.  He had a Iraq War Veteran plate frame and bumper sticker and a Persian Gulf Veteran license plate.  So, what, dude, its okay to fight and die for this country but it is not okay to support our country economically?  I can’t believe a guy would do that in the freaking MOTORCITY, Detroit, MI!  WTF?  Are we seriously that messed up?  He pretty much had a sign on his car, will give blood for the USA but not my money.  Don’t get me wrong, I support soldiers and what they do for us.  I have family that fought in the Iraq War but, come on!  Buy American for the love of the USA!


6) A sink full of dirty dishes and a house full of clutter. –Where does all the time go?  I feel like I can never stay on top of the household chores, work and everything else.  I have vowed to myself to start taking better care of things and no long suffer from what Bear calls “Buckshot Bills”.  I tend to leave all the bills in various piles around the house.  I am going to get organized and try really damn hard to keep it that way.  At work, I have the cleanest desk in the whole department, but I can’t keep my house clutter free?!  Time to fix that!


7) People who skip doing things because they are difficult and then try to get someone else to do the things for them. –I see this a lot at work but its not just there.  For some reason, whenever I think of people that do this, I ge the stereo-typical valley girl voice going off in my head. “Like, OH MY GOD, this might take some actual work and like, more then like, 2 seconds.  I hope I can get someone else to, like do it for me!”  This is probably my biggest pet-peiv.  People know I am hard worker at home and at work so they try to get me to do things so that they don’t have to.  (The girls and Bear do not do this to me, but there are others in my personal life that do.)


8 ) Getting a migraine because a 1 hour meeting ran all the way through lunch for a total of 2 1/2 hours.  –This seems to happen a lot at work lately.  And if you have never had a migraine, its like having someone run your head over with a train.  I get them alot this time of year so a meal being late is like tempting fate.  Of course, you can’t leave the meeting because something important might happen… 


9) Lastly, wordpress was being mean today.  It ate this post three times before I could publish it.  Grr!!!  Also, number 8 turned into a stupid smiley… by adding 8 next to ).  8) <— this is not the reaction to a migraine!!

Internet, if you can’t fix my problems, as least tou give me YouTube, where I can watch people’s heads explode.

4 Responses to “Rant Mode – Engaged!”

  1. Kathi

    yeah-the world is going to hell in a handbasket and we’ve got a front row seat-LOL!!
    when the world brings me down, i make sure to do something for my Self.. [notice the capital “S”??] i look at the only bumper sticker on my ride-it says ‘think globally-act locally’ and that helps me know i cant save the world [or blow the idjits up] but i CAN do small things HERE at HOME..

    as for people being selfish and stoopid-well.. i guess all we can do is exactly what we DID [and what you guys aree doing now] which is do the very best we can to give our kids ‘roots’.. and then we hafta hand em their wings and see what they’ve got. and usually, they do pretty damn well!!
    outside in the quiet of nature [IF you can find it down there in the Big City]is the Place to Be when the world gets too loud and crazee.. you’re doin a GREAT job-there IS no ‘manual’ for raising kids, so we love em up as best we can!!
    Keep up the good work! it’s an important job!!

  2. Sprite's Keeper

    That’s some list! The migraine thing definitely hit home and the “Pass the Buck” when something is deemed longer than 2 seconds worth of concentration. Ugh. I hear ya, girl!

  3. Tricia

    This sounds like an absoltuely lousy day!! I’d like to say dido to almost everything you wrote, ESPECIALLY numbers three, four and seven.

  4. Wendy

    Oh sweetie. I’m so sorry you had such a crappy day. I hope today has been better. But number 9 had me giggling like a crazy woman. And wanting to watch peoples’ heads explode!

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