“Again, Again!”

This past weekend, we went to a water park with giant water sides that you rode while in an inner-tube.  They allowed two people to ride together if you used a two person inner-tube.  When we first go there, the Tyrant didn’t want to go on any of the big slides and stuck to the less intimidating kiddie slides.

Bear and The Tyrant went down together on the first ride.  So, The Mother Hen and I went down together after them.  The ride was pretty gentle until you got to the bottom of the pool.  It was something akin to skidding on your butt in a gravel parking lot at 25 mph.  On the second trip down, The Tyrant cut her foot.  But, it didn’t slow her down.  She wanted to go on the medium sized slides next. 

Bear and I both went on these slides with her.  Bear would go first, the Tyrant went second and I would go last.  That way, if she chickened out, someone would be with her to take her back down the stairs.  We went on the open slide first, because is looked less scary.  After that, she raced back up the stairs to go on the enclosed slide.  She hoped in line and started down before either of us could catch up to her.  We could hear her shrieking with laughter as she went down but could not see her until she reached the bottom.  I went next, followed by Bear.  The Tyrant was jumping up and down, “Again, again!”  The enclosed slide was pitch-black and even Bear thought it was a little scary.  But she loved the thrill of going down at full speed in the dark.

After a few trips down the enclosed slide, she wanted to move onto the big ones.  Both Bear and I hesitated because we weren’t sure if she would freak out.  So, I voted that Bear take her with him on a two person inner-tube because, honestly, if she freaked, I wouldn’t know what to do.  They went down first and all I could hear was her shrieking.  I was worried because, I didn’t hear her laughing.  I went down after them, more concerned about her than my own ride.  When I got to the bottom, she was belly laughing and screaming “Again, again!”  She was asking all of us to take her down.  She wanted everyone to go down with her and wouldn’t take “No” for an answer.  We didn’t let her and The Show go together but that was because The Show and I are the same size and when the Tyrant and I went, we almost flipped because we were going so fast.  All day long, she would just look at someone and scream, “Again, again!” and her sisters would take her on another trip.  We were all exhausted but she just wanted to keep going. 

It was good to see all three girls having fun like that.  The same three girls, who a year ago were too scared to climb the stairs of a lighthouse were running up the steps of this slide that was easily twice as high. You would never know that they had ever been afraid of heights.

3 Responses to ““Again, Again!””

  1. sammanthia

    That’s sounds like fun, I love water parks… we’ve been talking about taking the kids, but now after reading your post, I can’t wait!

  2. Tricia

    What a great story. I was smiling all the way through (except for the part where it felt like a gravel lot, ouch). It sounds like the girls are doing great…due in no small part to their wicked step mom :o)

  3. Sprite's Keeper

    On your butt in a gravel lot going 25 mph? Great comparison! (Ouch!)
    I think I’ll wait a few years before I let her Spriteness talk me into water parks. (I’m actually the one afraid of heights..)

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