“Anyone ever tell you, you look like Bjork?”

Posted On August 17, 2008

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The other day at work, I was having a crazy day where everything that could go wrong, was going as wrong as it could go.  I was busier than hell and could barely keep up.  A new guy walked up and said “Has anyone else told you, you look like Bjork?”  I just kind of blinked at him, not sure if it was a complement or an insult.  I also kind of wanted to smack him for interrupting my juggling act for that.  So, I looked at him and said, in my snarkiest tone “What? What can I do to make your day better because right now, you are making my day a hell of a lot worse?”  He looked taken aback and said, “I need some help and someone told me that you could help me.  Its [this computer system], its not working and I don’t know what to do to fix it.”  So, I went and took a look at it and got it fixed.

I told Bear about this and he just grinned at me…  “Are you tired, Baby? Because you have been running through my mind all night!”  His grin got even wider as he said, “Did it hurt?  When you fell from heaven?”  Then, he started laughing hysterically.  “That is the cheesiest pick up line I have heard in a long time!  You look like Bjork!” 

So, I was a huge jerk to a guy that I had no idea was even hitting on me.  Its one of those “I am a dork, so I am oblivious” things.  I had no idea how mean I even was until he pointed it out.  But, this is a good time to open the discussion for the cheesiest pickup lines actually used on you. 

P.S. Don’t even ask for a photo for picture comparison, I prefer to remain slightly anonymous. But here is a picture of Bjork from her official website.

7 Responses to ““Anyone ever tell you, you look like Bjork?””

  1. Tricia

    I’d never have gotten the Bjork pick up line either. I didn’t even know what a Bjork was until I just read this. It’s either been so long since someone has tried to pick me up that I can’t even remember a “good” pick up line, or I’m also oblivious. I think I’m going to stick with believing I’m oblivious.

  2. Jamie

    Great post!!! I don’t know the cheesiest one – I know one time I was walking into a post office while a crew was putting a new roof on it, a guy leaned down and just said sssssassy! I was speechless!!! I still don’t really know what he was getting at????

  3. sammanthia

    Pick up lines ain’t what they used to be, eh? I’ll bet he won’t be tryin’ THAT one again! lol.

  4. Wendy

    I fell for both the ones my mom warned me about. “You have the prettiest eyes!” and “Can I see that necklace?” Of course, I was just 16, but I wound up marrying the jerk. Oh well, at least I learned from it. Thomas never used a single line on me. Except maybe, “Don’t worry about the condom. It’ll be okay.” lol. And that’s how we got Tessa. (Was that TMI?)

    I bet the guy thinks you’re even hotter now. I think men secretly love a hot bitch. (Not that you’re a bitch. You were just having an off day) Tomorrow you should were some thigh high boots and watch his eyes pop out of his head. lol.

  5. Saffa Chick

    Poor blokes and their chat up lines! I once had “Are you from Denmark?” because I had very blonde hair perhaps. And once at 7am while waiting for a train to work I got asked out for coffee… dude, I’m not even awake yet! Go away!

  6. killlashandra

    Ok that is funny. Bjork of all people, and I agree it is pretty cheesy. How funny you posted this when I posted the flirting game. I really did think the game entertaining. Some responses were just well creative. LOL

    Hope today is a better day. I had a day like that yesterday too. Just one of those days you want to bang your head on the wall, even if you know that’s not going to help any.

  7. Sprite's Keeper

    I’ve had one or two bad ones like the quarter one. “I told my mom I’d call her when I met the girl of my dreams.” And “Do you have any Italian in you? Want one?”
    The Bjork one is definitely unique, but she’s quite pretty, so I hope some part of you is flattered even if the rest of you wanted to flatten him. 🙂

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