It’s a mother thing

I wrote before about our vacation to the water park.  While we were there, The Show said something that truly surprised me.  It surprised me so much, that I didn’t even know if I was going to write about it.

We were all in line for the large water slide, holding our inner-tubes under our arms and trying not to knock each other over with them.  Bear whispers to me that my tag is showing so, I fix it.  Then I look at the girls and sure enough, their tags are sticking up to.  So, I lean over and tap The Show on the back and say, “Hey, tuck your tag in.”  She does without much thought about it.  (Honestly, I don’t think it would bother her if her tag was showing or not.)  Then, I tapped The Mother Hen on the shoulder and say, “Your tag is sticking out, tuck it in.”  She just looks at me, and blinks.  Then, she looked offended.  The Show dismissed her look with a wave of her hand, “It’s a mother thing.”  Then she moved forward in line a bit.  The Mother Hen didn’t look upset after that and just quietly tucked her tag in.


What surprised me about this was that I didn’t even know that The Show thought of me that way.  I also didn’t know that she knew what “mother” things are.  Her own mother does not do “mother” things and The Show never really acted like she cared one-way or the other.  But, that is part of the reason I gave her that name.  She doesn’t let too many people see the real her and she rarely talks about anything serious.  I think it is her way of dealing with her mother.


The comment just flew by and no one said another thing about it.  Shortly after she said it, we were riding on the water slide, going full speed and almost tipping over.  We were too busy hooting and hollering to care what was said.  But, I don’t think I will ever forget that moment.

2 Responses to “It’s a mother thing”

  1. Amy

    My step dad came into my life when I was two and was a true daddy to me all my life. I look back on my teen years and see that at times I was very disrespectful and down right mean to him because he was “my step dad”. I regret that but I guess it was a part of growing for both of us. He NEVER treated me as a ‘step’ daughter. He walked me down the aisle on my wedding day as my ‘real’ father sat and watched … what can I say he was my dad and although I am not sure if I ever truly told him how much I love him for that, I think he knows.

    Being a ‘step’ parent must be hard, it seems that you are really making the best of it — so do treasure these special moments and know that you probably are making an even bigger impression on their lives then they will ever tell!

  2. Tricia

    Step parenting is really challenging. The fine lines that we often have to walk can be so thin they’re almost invisible and skinning our knees when we trip hurts like hell. But then there are moments like these, moments when you know you’re making a difference, creating connections…moments when the sun shines even when it’s raining, and we know we’d skin our knees every day because the role we play is terribly important. The role you play is wonderful, and the girls feel it. How wonderful.

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