They’re spinnin’!!!!

Posted On August 22, 2008

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(This Spin Cycle Entry is about work)

This whole week I have worked two jobs.  (Three if you count Step-Mom).  I would go to my day job working from 9am – 5pm and then Bear and I would meet up for our evening job installing network cable for a small company.  We worked until about 10:30 every night, and got back up in the morning to do it again.  We would come home dirty and exhausted, but generally feeling good about ourselves because we were working to make our lives better.

Thursday on the way to our second job Bear stretched out in the car and tried to just catch a few minutes break.  “You know, I would work myself to death as long as the person I am working for appreciates it,” he said after a few minutes of not getting any rest.  I know that he was referring to the fact that the kids needed some more school clothes and that is why he was working so hard.  But, the comment really made me think.  I know he really would work himself to the point of not functioning.  He would even work past that, if we needed something that bad.

So, as I was driving into the major city that I work in this morning, I saw some beggers on the street corner.  The same beggars I see every morning, holding up signs asking for money.  They have signs written in marker on cardboard that looks like it was cut instead of ripped.  If you keep driving, two blocks down is a homeless shelter, a salvation army and a job placement agency all right in a row.  I never see people coming in or out of those places, I just see the people sitting on the corner.  I know that people are really down on their luck and that people have lost jobs like crazy but I have to wonder, where do they get the markers and cutting tools to make their signs.  And, why don’t they walk three blocks and look for a help to get a job.  I know that work is scarce but every day I am starting to see new “Help Wanted” signs in windows.  But, I still pass these people on the corner every day.

I wonder if these people even want to work.  I would guess not, if the resources are there and they don’t use them.  But, I just don’t understand how someone chooses not to work if the need is there.  Don’t get me wrong, I think being a mom, wife or dad, husband is work.  If you can afford to stay home and you want to, you should.  I just don’t understand those people who choose to do nothing when the need to work to survive.

The girls have taking to calling the pan-handlers hobos.  It is also something they call each other when they are angry.  “Stop it you, Hobo!”  Its almost as insulting as being called a butthead.  “Get away from me, Hobo-lover!”, is a little worse on the insult scale.  There have been tears over these insults.  I hope that the three of them are never in the situation where they have to beg for money.  But if they end up in that situation, it is my hope that they still try to work and never just give in to being homeless and helpless to change it.

My dad use to say, “Work is hard, that is why we call it work. Otherwise, we would call it fun.”  I think I learned my work ethic from both of my parents as well as some Aunts and Uncles.  But, I will never forget that my dad would come home from work every day exhausted and smelling of motor oil.  It left a lasting impression on me and I know that I will always work if I can help it.

10 Responses to “They’re spinnin’!!!!”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Great spin! Completely new direction! (Sorry, I didn’t see it until tonight, my parents are in town and spoiling Sprite! Gotta keep her fresh!
    I’m linking you with the four already done and will link you again in next Friday’s post for the deadline.
    Awesome post and honesty is SOOoo appreciated!

  2. kirsty815

    Very cool post! I’ve often wondered the same thing and then felt guilty and swept it out of my mind. I’ve bought homeless people sandwiches but never given money because I can’t be sure they wont use it for drugs/alcohol. Horrible to think that way isn’t it. You do have to wonder why they aren’t at shelters or trying to get jobs and I also wonder what put them in their situation.


  3. sammanthia

    You know, I never thought about it that way. My mom has been looking for a permanent job for over a year now and Mark’s dad just found a job after being laid off for 6 months- they wanted to work, but the work wasn’t there. I know a lot of people like that (in MI, where we moved from and the economy sucks), so I guess I assumed that the people I saw on street corners looking for money were just down on their luck. Now I wonder… hmmmm.

  4. awickedstepmom

    Sammanthia –
    I wish your mom good luck in finding a permanent job. I know it is tough out there. People like your mom and Mark’s dad I have a great deal of respect for because they didn’t just give up when it was hard to find a job.

  5. HeatherPride

    I guess I’m the mean one here. I’ve always been skeptical of the street bums. I worked in the hotel & restaurant industry for years, and we ALWAYS had positions open, no matter what the economy was doing. If I can clean a hotel room, then by God so can they!

  6. Debbie

    Years ago, my daughter and I were leaving the grocery store. An old woman sits at the exit of the store in her lawn chair with a sign “Homeless … Need Money For Food.” I, of course, averted my eyes. My daugher, who was about 8 at the time said “Mom, why aren’t you giving that lady money?” I explained to my daughter that this is a big scam and that if she wanted to work … etc. My daughter said “But what if it’s true? What if it’s Jesus in disguise?”

    Sigh. I had no answer. And explanations of money going to alcohol, etc., didn’t seem appropriate right then.

    I rolled down my window and gave the woman cash and told her it was from my daughter. The old woman teared up, looked over at my daugher and said “Bless you child.” My daughter, beaming, looked at me and said “See?”

  7. krystal6

    you are so totally right!

    I wonder the same thing all the time – here we have what is known as the Homeless voice where the homeless have to work to “sell” their newspapers and they are helped to find shelter and then more meaningful work but then again, you have those others who refuse to work or have every excuse in the book

  8. Tricia

    Unfortunately, sadly, many homeless people suffer from addiction and mental illness. It’s not that they don’t have the ability or perhaps even the desire to work, many are not out there trying to scam the general population, they need intervention. Not all respond, but few are in the same state of mind as us and simply choose to be homeless and unemployed. It’s a complex situation and one we’ve not done an adequate job of addressing as a society.

  9. awickedstepmom

    Tricia —
    I agree that there are several that suffer from mental illness or addictions. And they can’t work because of those things and they really do need help. We do need to have more awareness and as a society we need to address the problem.

  10. Medea

    In the UK you need to have a bank account if you want a job – cash in hand is illegal. In order to get a bank account you need to have a permanent fixed address. This is the biggest stumbling block for those who lose their jobs and homes. Often those who lost both at around the same time did so because of a marriage breaking down. You can’t get a home without a job… you can’t get a job without a home. It’s a painful catch-22 that has yet to be rectified.

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