Focus Pride

Posted On August 26, 2008

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Have you ever noticed how motorcyclists always nod or wave to each other on the road?  Motorcyclists always show their pride and recognize each other.  So, what not Ford Focus owners?  Bear thinks it could be the start of a new trend. 

We both have Ford Foci (Focuses?)

The Power Focus


This is a picture of a car that looks like Bear’s.  He has called it The Power Focus.  Whenever we are in it, and he goes over 20 mph, the kids shout “GO, GO POWER FOCUS!!”






The Other Focus

The Other Focus

The girls call this The Girl Focus because I drive it.  No other reason that I am aware of, unless they have been looking underneath it to check for girl parts…
Anyway, the next time you are on the road you may start to see Foci drivers waving at each other.  No, we are not crazy, we are just showing some Focus Pride!

4 Responses to “Focus Pride”

  1. Chris Wood

    Do Ford Focuses have girl parts? Hmmmm

  2. Sprite's Keeper

    Hey, hey! Look at the new scenery! Very streamlined! Liking it a lot!
    My dad used to own a Focus, my sister owned a Focus. It completely worked for them too. Lasted a long time. I’m a Honda girl myself, but can appreciate the economic benefits of the Focus. Ford should totally send some love your way!

  3. Tricia

    This is the second blog I’ve been today that changed themes and made me think I was lost in cyberspace for a minute. The new streamlined look is nice.

    Foci? Hilarious. Brilliant. I love the new trend.

  4. killlashandra

    You know it’s not just motorcycle riders. Since we bought our Dodge 3500 other Dodge owners wave at us too. It’s quite an interesting phenomenon. 🙂

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