High School or the First Ring of Hell?

Posted On August 28, 2008

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The Mother Hen is starting “senior” high school this year.  So, we all went to her 9th grade orientation.  The very first thing that we noticed was the gym was about 400 billion degrees.  Everyone was shifting uncomfortably and waving their Student Handbooks as make-shift fans.

As side from sweating like crazy, there was a lot of stuff going on.  The principal mentioned a new program that forces students to do their homework.  More than 3 missing assignments in any one class and you get to spend your lunch hour in an academic support class.  If you don’t start doing you job after that, you start spending time after school in the same program.  They will even call home and get the parents involved.  Also, the parents can call the school and enroll their kids in the program if they don’t think their students are doing well.  (If you are a high school-er, this sounds like the First Ring of Hell). 

The Mother Hen was more interested in talking to her friends than she was to listening to the speakers.  We had to get her attention several times to make sure that she was paying attention to the important parts.  Like the homework program or the school cop doing searches of students lockers.  (If you are a parent, this sounds like the First Ring of Hell, constantly having to get your kids attention in a room crowded full of teenagers.)

We found the Second Ring of Hell when we were adjournedto locate her locker.  There was nothing on the map that indicated where the locker numbers were and they kept changing direction of the numbers.  One hall would go up another would go down and you were going in the same direction.  It tooks of 20 mins in the heat to locate her locker and then we had a hard time getting it open.  It was getting stuck so Bear had to hit it a few times before it would work for her. 

The Fourth Ring of Hell was for The Mother Hen alone.  (Yes, I know I skipped the third…)  They were holding school pictures and ID pictures in the gym.  The Mother Hen has very curly hair and after being in the heat and sweating her curly hair turned to nothing but frizz.  She was tortured by the idea of getting her picture taken with her makeup running and hair frizzing out.  She begged us to let her skip and attend the make up day on the second day of classes.  Since we were all hot and tired, we let her skip it. 

Both Bear and I never really had a high school orientation.  It was pretty much, pick your classes, here is your locker number and good luck!  So, orientation was a new experience for us.  They hold one every year and I can tell you right now, I am not looking forward to next year.  Being crammedin a gym with 400 people in the heat, is not my idea of a good time!

5 Responses to “High School or the First Ring of Hell?”

  1. Tricia

    I love the homework accountability being built into the system, though.

    I don’t think anyone could pay me to go back to high school. I had too much fun at the time, but looking back there were oh so many rings of hell. High school with my step daughter was much, much better than middle school. Middle school is just one big bowl of hell where you get plunked into the middle without the benefits of rings.

  2. Wendy

    I’m sure it was hell for you, but I’m also sure she’ll do fine with high school. Our orientation was only for freshmen, and you didn’t get to figure out where your classes were. My biggest fear the first 3 years was getting lost. I think the homework program is great, but what about time to eat during the lunch version? (I would have been in the after-school version, by the way)

  3. sammanthia

    I never had high school orientation either, and look how well I turned out. Heh.
    I won’t have a problem with G- he used to bring home the occasional S- on his report card in the 1st and 2nd grade and he was worried he wouldn’t be able to get in a good college. C, on the other hand, has been known to hide homework underneath his mattress.
    Good luck!

  4. Sprite's Keeper

    I remember orientation in high school, trying to find our classes. Our parents weren’t allowed to attend those things back then so it was an honor system on whether or not the kids went. (There were thirty people at my orientation. That’s pretty much the reason why parents are encouraged to attend now!)

  5. Jamie

    I never had an orientation – I don’t know if the girls will or not – they didn’t get one for junior high – big sis started last Thursday.

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