It’s not just about owls anymore…

Posted On September 3, 2008

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Over the past few weeks, the Tyrant has taken an interest in owls.   More specifically, making an owl-like “hoo”ing sound.  It is highly amusing to watch Bear, who makes a rather convincing turkey sound, and her have turkey vs. owl all out rumbles.

Every time that we go to the mall we pass Hooters. If you aren’t familiar with the restaurant, it features scantly clad young ladies in hot pants and baby doll t-shirts or tank tops. (See Hooters Girls for more info.)  As we passed it yesterday, the Tyrant screams “Hooters!” and starts “hoo”ing.  Bear looks at her from the front seat and says “Honey, its not about owls, its about boobs.”  She looked shocked and appalled, “Daddy!  Did you just call me a boob?! I am not a boob!  You are a boob, Turkey-lover!”


2 Responses to “It’s not just about owls anymore…”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Wow, Bear is quite forthcoming with the truth! (Had a good giggle on his response.)
    I do have to say that the grilled chicken salad there is actually quite good. So I’ve heard..

  2. sammanthia

    That’s hilarious! Having a husband, I know all about Hooters… we’ve never actually eaten there, I always manage to steer him toward Applebees. If we actually ever ate there, I don’t think the dinner conversation would be all that good… he would be mostly staring, and that would tick me off. 😉

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