Home is where the heart is

Posted On September 8, 2008

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I have been thinking a lot lately about the kind of home I think that the Tribe needs to have.  And as much as we need a bigger house and bigger cars, we really have made a home out of what we currently have.  To me, home is where you can go to relax and be yourself, where you will always feel safe and comforted.  And that is what our home is like.

Home is where The Tyrant’s unicorn gets “emergency surgery” for the hole in its stomach.  It is where she care reassure all of her animals that Sparkle (the unicorn’s name) will be okay because “[WickedStepMom] knows how to fix it and it will be okay.”  

Home is where The Show can shout “Daddy!  I need help with my homework!” and never feel stupid for asking.  It is where she can take risks and make guesses without someone telling her that she is dumb for being wrong.

Home is where The Mother Hen can collect stuff animals and still be a kid.  Where she can still sleep with them all on her bed and pretend that she is just too lazy to move them.  

Home is where we can all be ourselves.  It doesn’t matter if they all have their own rooms or if we have that office we have always wanted.  We have a home and not just a house.  We want a bigger house so that everyone can have their own space.  But right now, I think having a home is more important than having space.  If we had a million dollars and a huge house, I hope that we would still all pile on the floor in the living room to watch movies together.  I also hope that we will still get together for dinner every evening and breakfast on the weekends.  I would hope that we could still bake cookies on cold winter days and make s’mores together around the camp fire in the summer time.

3 Responses to “Home is where the heart is”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Bravo! Very nicely put. I’m a little teary over here!

  2. Casey

    I’m with you. We quickly outgrew our three bedroom house with us and just two kids but I like it here, it feels like home. We compromise by using the family room as the office and the living room as playroom too. The toys on the floor are a bit annoying but the atmosphere is nice.

  3. Amy

    We had a large three story house and we lived in just a couple rooms, so when we sold and moved to something much smaller it soon became home, even more of a home than all that space we had!! I think you made a really, really important point — sometimes more space just breaks a family apart! I would prefer to stay close!!!

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