Oh Search Engine Widget, How I love thee

Posted On September 9, 2008

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So, I was looking at my search engine widget today and I found this.. “how to make step mom shut up.”  And I started thinking about it.  And here is my answer…  bribery.  Out right bribery will get me to shut up.  So, since my birthday is coming up, I thought I would list all of the things that I can be bribed by.

1) Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream – pretty much any flavor.  I would be too busy eating to say much of anything.

2) Coffee – really good coffee, not any of that crappy freeze dried stuff.  I  will be too busy enjoying my coffee to talk.

3) A certificate for a professional massage. I will have to leave the house to do this, and therefore cannot be talking to anyone!

4) The new Indiana Jones Lego Star Wars video game.  It will provide hours of enjoyment and I will be too busy smacking lego guys to talk!  Its a win-win!

5) If you are feeling really generous, a nice new car.  I will be busy cleaning and polishing it and won’t have any time for that petty talking business.

6) If you don’t have too much money in your pocket, I can be bribed with donuts brought to me, in bed while I watch football on Sunday.  I will be talking.. er yelling at the Lions by the afternoon and wont have time to harrass anyone else anyway.

But, I am thinking that the person who searched for this wasn’t talking about me specifically.  But, just in case if was one of The Tribe, I want to have my bases covered!

(Also, I am going to be making a new allergy page that will feature sulfate-free products that I use.  So, look for it soon, even if you are not allergic, it should still be a pretty good resource.)


4 Responses to “Oh Search Engine Widget, How I love thee”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Is this bribery or a birthday wish list? Man, I could go for almost all the things on your list. My birthday gift this year is a door. Woo. Hoo.

  2. awickedstepmom

    A door? Seriously? Is it atleast a door to an alternet dimension?

    Isn’t a birthday gift just another form of bribery? I say this list covers both!

  3. Tricia

    Hah! I wonder what that person expected to find? Special duct tape made especially for a step mother’s mouth. I’d stay quiet for a few of those things on you list…a massage, coffee, ice cream…dark chocolate shuts me up pretty quickly.

  4. wordnerdy

    Hi there. I just came across your blog, and will bookmark it for future reading. I may become a stepmother (fabulous new boyfriend has three daughters), which is something I never expected. But I’m learning about stepmothering online and by reading books. And I figure I can’t be a good stepmother if I never resolve things with MY stepmother.

    Thanks for providing one more source.

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