Dress Shopping

Posted On September 23, 2008

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The girls, my mom and I went shopping all together this weekend.  I needed a dress for a friend’s wedding.  It seemed like a good time for all of us to go out together.  It was the first time that it was just us.  And we all had an absolute ball.

First, we had lunch with Bear and my dad.  Overall, it was a pretty rowdy affair. The girls were excited to go shopping and my parent’s newfoundland dog, Maxx, was excited that the girls were there and had food.  Once we were all packed up in my mom’s SUV, everyone quieted down.  The girls pretty much kept to themselves while my mom and I chatted in the front seat. 

When we got to the store, everyone spread out.  I heard my name being called a hundred times. Everytime I looked up someone was holding up a dress and saying "How about this one?"  I knew what kind of dress I wanted.  I made sure to try on atleast one dress that everyone offered.

It was actually pretty great to feel like a giant doll.  Everyone wanted me ot look great and feel good about the dress choice I made.  I was never a girly-girl or one for getting all prettied up.  But I am looking forward to wearing this dress.

2 Responses to “Dress Shopping”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    You may not be a girly-girl, but you are an AWESOME mom!

  2. Tricia

    What a wonderful afternoon you all must have had. I’m quite sure you’ll look and feel fabulous in the dress. How could you not when you had such great fashion advisers!

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