A rock, are you kidding me?

Posted On October 16, 2008

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Last week was the Show’s birthday.  So, Bear and I went out to the store and got her a present.  We spent quite a bit of time debating about what to get for her.  When we had finally decided we were pretty excited.  The whole way home, we talked about our prized gift.

The Show was dying to know what we got for her.  She kept asking over and over.  After about an hour of her questioning, we finally told her, “A rock.”  The Show asked, “You guys are kidding, right?”  We just shook our heads no.  “You wouldn’t get me a rock, stop teasing me!” she declared.  “They were all out of coal, so we got you a rock.” I told her.  “We got you a rock,” Bear said.

This is what she opened. 


3 Responses to “A rock, are you kidding me?”

  1. twobuyfour

    That’s hilarious! You just can’t beat the experience of yanking a girl’s chain, then giving her a nice gift. They fall for it very time. I hope she enjoyed her MP3.

  2. Sprite's Keeper

    Yikes, I couldn’t see the picture but two buy four revealed it. Nice gift! Rock is right!

  3. Tricia

    I wonder how nervous she was opening the gift. That’s so funny. What a wonderful birthday gift. She must have been relieved and thrilled. Happy Birthday to The Show!

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