Halloween – I am taking it back

Posted On October 30, 2008

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Do you remember when Halloween use to be fun?  When kids could get dressed up and go on a hunt for the best candy in the neighborhood.  I remember running (never walking) from house to house and screaming “Trick-or-Treat” at the top of my lungs while my Dad dutifully jogged alongside my brother and I.  I remember shouting to my neighborhood buddies as we sprinted from house to house, telling them which houses to skip because they were only giving out tootsie rolls.  Halloween isn’t fun anymore.

Long gone are the days when the elderly woman on the corner can bake cookies and pass them out still warm off the cookie sheet.  (That was the only house we ever walked away from.  Dad wouldn’t let us run and eat cookies at the same time.)  We now have to be careful which neighborhoods we trick-or-treat in.  We have our children’s candy X-rayed to check for hidden needles and we have to check every piece before letting them have a single bite.  Some parents aren’t even letting their kids go out on Halloween for fear of their kids getting poisoned or kidnapped.

Parents are also keeping their kids home because “we do not feel it necessary or appropriate to teach our children about ghosts and goblins.  They don’t want their children to see other children in “violent” costumes.  The magic of Halloween has always been the make-believe part.  I remember spending hours with my friends discussing which costumes we should wear.  (I almost always went as a witch.)  Our parents never worried if we wore capes and fake vampire teeth.  They had faith in us that we wouldn’t run around biting people on their necks or drinking blood.  I just don’t understand what is wrong with a kid wanting to dress as The Hulk or Spiderman.  They are superheroes not serial killers.  Next, people are going to ban bee costumes because “people who are allergic have died from bee stings” and it is too violent for their precious little snowflakes!  Give me a break people!  I know it is a scary world out there full of all kinds of sickos, but lets take back this one night a year and make it fun again.


11 Responses to “Halloween – I am taking it back”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    I completely understand. What has happened to our society? Wonderful Spin! You’re linked!

  2. Casey

    I agree, people are going way overboard but there are also a lot more crazies out there too. I remember running from house to house yelling and sharing the data on the “good candy” houses too! I hope my kids will be able to have fun on Halloween when they are old enough to go trick-or-treating. Happy Halloween!

  3. DeeMarie

    Amen. That’s about all I got. Great Spin.
    Happy Halloween!

  4. Laufa

    I agree, I love that there are so many new alternatives for the scared parent. Our church has trunk or treat and the fire station has a big ta-do for all the kiddos.

  5. Emily

    My kids aren’t even allowed to dress up for school! There is NO holiday parties at all. Not even Valentines day, Arbor day…nothing! It is insanity!

  6. steenky bee

    I totally feel you on this one , sister! I hope my children still find Halloween magic even though there are restrictions on their fun. It’s hard to see how much it’s changed since I was young. As an aside, I’m so honored that you stopped by my place. I see your comments on other sites and I always thought they were so funny! Honestly, I’m thrilled! I’ll be back! I hope you will be too.

  7. Sammanthia

    Amen, Sister! My kids aren’t allowed to dress up for school, either. It’s sad.

  8. Tricia

    I agree, completely. And really, most of the stories about poisoned candy and craziness are urban legends, but we get these things in our heads and then we let fear run rampant. It drives me crazy, too. I loved Halloween as a kid and I still love it. I’m trying to pass on the fun to my son.

  9. Emily

    What bothered me the most about my schools’ policy was that not one parent seemed to be as upset as me- instead they were complacent and said “it’s for the best”. um, for whom? Children should enjoy childhood as long as they can, which includes a little holiday magic. With all they have thrown at them, why shouldn’t they dress up as superman for the day. They could be doing a whole lot worse today.

  10. Cathy Burke

    I agree! this year there was an UPROAR about a haunted house! Chocolate coins recalled. My kid could not even draw a knife for a costume in his computer class. What happened to fun? Remember when kids Trick or treated in the neighborhood where they actually lived? I actually am taking care of my sick dad so I was away for the first Halloween ever and I was relieved!

  11. HeatherPride

    I completely agree! I love my subdivision because it’s teeny tiny, and perfect for trick or treating, but yes, I really wish we could give our kids the same freedom we had as children!

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