Attack of the Face Suckers!

Posted On November 3, 2008

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A few weekends ago, Bear and I took a Saturday to ourselves and went to a friend’s wedding reception.  Under normal circumstances we would have taken the girls along with us.  But the invitation specifically said, no children.  I was a little better (okay, a lot bitter) about this at first but I realized that angry or not I couldn’t change the way they felt.  Since he is a pretty good friend and he explained why he didn’t want kids there, I got over it.  I won’t out him or the reason, but I thought it was a pretty good one.

The reception was a two hour drive away.  So, we decided to get a hotel and spend the night out.  We had a great night out with a few friends.  We went out to dinner before hand (see: food allergies) with a couple of friends.  After dinner, we made our way to the reception.  The week prior, there was a lot of drama about who was going to sit where.  Mostly, Bear’s co-workers didn’t want to sit outside of their clics and they wanted us to sit with them.  The couple that went to dinner with us didn’t know anyone else. Bear and I were going to sit with them, no matter what else happened.  All week, Bear had to deal with political posturing and high schoolish drama.  We didn’t end up sitting with any of his co-workers.  I personally was really glad because we all left high school a number of years ago.  The last thing I was going to worry about on this particular night was whether or not I got to sit at “the cool kids” table.  For some reason, missing the girls was more important than if the head cheerleader thought my dress and shoes were cool.

We sat at a table with another computer nerd freind of ours and had very few problems.  We talked about dorky movies, nerdy games, computers and kids.  We had such a great time, we even talked about when we would get together again.  The DJ totally sucked, the hall nearly emptied after dinner and our friend that was getting married looked exhausted but I do not think our night could have gone much better.  Aside from the whole me elbowing the guy that was trying to pour beer on Bear’s head.

When we finally made it back to our room, both of us were exhausted.  While he was changing into flannel pants, I stacked up the pillows and made the bed.  I had brought my own pillow from home, so I gave him three of the hotel pillows. “Wow, you must really love me!  Three pillows, that’s so awesome!” he said, right before he flopped down on the bed.  As his head hit the pillows, they collapsed onto his face.  He was drowning in a sea of linen.  The pillows attacked him like the face suckers from Alien.  “Dammit, woman!  I knew you hated me!” his muffled cry came out between mouthfuls of cotton and down.  I leaned over and clicked off the light.  “Goodnight, dear.  Maybe next time you won’t tease me for bringing my own blanket and pillows!”

5 Responses to “Attack of the Face Suckers!”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    We’re headed to a wedding this weekend, sans kid. Oh well. My parents get to babysit, I get to dance with my husband, and not worry about Sprite trying to bring down the cake!

  2. DeeMarie

    Sounds like in spite of it all, you had a nice time! Smart girl, bringing your own pillow!! I always take a little travel pillow. It’s not much, but it keeps me from getting sucked in.

  3. Casey

    Hotel pillows are the worst, smart moving bringing your own. I do the same and at the hospital too. We had a “no children allowed” reception too. It sounds mean but it turned out great and all of our friends with kids enjoyed themselves (and the open bar) way more than they would have if they were keeping tabs on their kids. We’re going to my BIL’s wedding in PA next year and we’re leaving both kids home by choice. I’d rather not deal with the stress of wrangling a 1 and 2 year old since my husband is the best man and won’t be able to help. Glad you ended up having a good time at the wedding…

  4. Jamie

    Love the pillow story – I would love to hear the no kid reason – I have come across this often and I would love to see if the reason is the same???

  5. HeatherPride

    HAHA! I take my pillow everywhere I go – any other pillow gives me a stiff neck!

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