Something to do

“I’m bored!! Can we do something today?” The Show declares in an exasperated voice. I bite back the snark, because I know what she means. But, I do have to fight the urge to say, “There is plenty to do, how about doing some of your chores? Or maybe some homework?” I know this will get me no where. I also know that when she says, “Can we do something?” It usually means “Can we go somewhere and spend money?” I really think this is a universal kid thing. But as we are saving money for the upcoming holidays, we don’t want to run out and spend, spend, spend. While I am trying to compose a response, The Tyrant pokes her head up from playing a video game. “Yeah, can we please do something?!” she cries. Please keep in mind, that they all have their own laptops, they share a desktop PC and have a TV and XBOX to share.

I know the response that I am going to get before I even say the words, but I have to now. It is like they have collectively issued a challenge. So, I grinned and replied, “Yeah, we can do something. How about you guys go and clean your room?” There was a collective sigh and some disgruntled mumbling. “Fine, I would rather be bored!” the Show grumbles. The Mother Hen just grinned at me, she knew how messy their room had become. I admit it, I was stalling them for time. I really had nothing plan for the day. Bear had been sick all week and the Tyrant was under the weather as well. I didn’t want to take everyone outside in the cold and take a chance on making everyone ill.

I had an errand to run so, while I was out, I hit the arts & crafts section at Wal-mart. And there is was, something to do. They had the staple of all arts and craft projects. Pipe-cleaners! They also sold these little kits of pipe cleaners that showed you how to make specific animals. The one that caught my eye had a tiger in it. (The Tyrant loves tigers.) So, I spent my $5 and bought the kit and some extra pipe cleaners. When I brought my prize home, I thought for sure that it would get scoffed at. But, to my pleasant surprise, they all seemed very excited about it. After the initial frustration, we had a really good time. Pipe cleaner animals are a lot harder to create then they look, even if you have directions!

Pipe Cleaner Jungle

Pipe Cleaner Jungle

I know the picture is very blurry, but I took it with my camera phone.

5 Responses to “Something to do”

  1. Sammanthia

    Why do kids DO that! I finally had enough one day and told them the next time I heard “I’m bored” they would be scrubbing toilets. After one scrubbing each, I haven’t heard it since. I’m sure they would have been happier with pipe cleaner animals.

  2. Casey

    That’s a pretty cheap project to keep the kids entertained. From what I could tell from the phone picture, the animals turned out pretty well?!? Hopefully it killed a lot of time.

  3. Sprite's Keeper

    Very cool! Great way to keep the kids busy and out of trouble!

  4. HeatherPride

    I love the pipe cleaner jungle!! Crafts at home are such a good idea!

  5. Tricia

    OK, so can I admit that I remember these conversations with my own mom and she’d always respond by pointing out some chore I was neglecting. I’m quite sure I’ll do the same once Aaron is bigger.

    The pipe cleaners were a fabulous idea. I need some of those! Hope Bear is feeling better!

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