Where the heck is that other shoe anyway?

Posted On November 18, 2008

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Things finally seem to be working out. Things seem to finally be going my way. And they also seem to be going The Tribe’s way too. It finally feels like things are going well for us. It has me wondering, when is that other shoe going to drop? But then I tell myself, “Stop being paranoid, just because things are going good, doesn’t mean the other shoe will drop silly.” But the pragmatist in my brain won’t let it sit, “where is that other shoe? What corner is it lurking behind.” And the positive, hopeful part of my brain says, “Give it a rest! Just be happy for a while!” And this argument continues until I am more stressed out that I would be if things were going completely and totally wrong. I used to be a very positive person and when things were going well, I would just roll with it. Experience and my own poor judgment have led me down this road and try as I might I can’t seem to quite make it back to where I was before I started on this path.

We are getting ready to go out of town for Thanksgiving. There are always concerns about what I can and can’t eat, so we try to pack food for me. But, The Tribe as a whole has a lot of luggage. This year though, we are borrowing a roof top luggage carrier. That takes that worry off the table. I won a gas gift card out of the no where and Bear had some left over gas gift cards from his birthday. So, we won’t have to worry about gas either. We also stay in his brother’s cabin, called The Red Barn and we stay for free. With that taken care of, all we really need to worry about is food for me and stuff to do in the car. I was thinking of taking along our pipe cleaners and I was thinking that a few coloring books and stuff should keep us busy. Mad-libs go over great with the tribe, so I will be hitting the dollar store for them as well. Beside actually packing, we are in great shape and the trip shouldn’t break the bank. We should even have more room on this trip because we will be taking my new Saturn Vue instead of cramming everyone into a Ford Focus like a clown car. Though I did like my Focus. I really needed a new car. Things feel into place nicely for that too. I can’t believe how much as been going my way.

I think that is why I have started to feel edgy lately. Like I keep looking for that other shoe. I feel like if I let my guard down for one moment, that show will drop out of no where to lay me flat.

5 Responses to “Where the heck is that other shoe anyway?”

  1. goodfather

    I can SO relate to the ‘other shoe’ syndrome. My job is OK right now, no sign of a layoff, yet still…. heh.

    I hope you have a great trip! Awesome that everything is taken care of. I miss mad libs!!

  2. Casey

    It sounds like things are going great for you right now! I feel the same way, everyone we know is struggling financially and we’re not so I keep waiting for my husband to get laid off or something bad to happen. Why can’t we all just enjoy it when we’ve got it?

  3. Sprite's Keeper

    If the other shoe drops, it drops. Enjoy the now!

  4. Tricia

    I’m so glad things are going well. It’s hard to live in the moment, but it seems like that’s exactly what we need to do more of. My husband often likes to say to me, “Things could be worse.” to which I always respond, “Yea, but they couldn’t be much better.” I hope no shoes fall in your life and that you have a fabulous trip.

  5. HeatherPride

    You have an awesome trip!! Don’t you worry about that shoe, girlfriend. Sometimes it’s better being barefoot anyway! xoxo

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