Giving Thanks

The Spin Cycle assignment for this week is to write about what we are thankful for. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. But, I am bending the rules and writing about the girls and why I am thankful for them. I am not sure if they will ever read it but, I feel that it needs to be said. Because, for them, I know it is not said nearly enough.

The Mother Hen –

I am thankful for your hugs and smiles. I am thankful when you yell at me when I don’t eat lunch and for making me seat down to eat, just so that you are sure I won’t leave me plate to get cold. I am thankful for your strength because you carry so much when you are not with Bear and I. I am thankful for your laughter and for when you get excited and talk way too fast. I am thankful for our little jokes and that you always roll your eyes and smile when I say, “For serial.” (Sorry, kiddo, that one will never get old.) I am thankful that you come up behind me and give me a hug, and even though your arms wrap almost completely around me, you are so gentle.

The Show –

I am thankful to you for always trying to make us laugh. I am thankful for your ability to compromise and try to keep the peace. I am thankful for your extremely long fuse. And thankful that you can get angry and stand up for yourself. I am thankful that you can’t lie to us, because it hurts too much. I am thankful for your quiet wisdom that you show very few people. I am thankful that your charm will always get you out of more trouble than into it. I am thankful that you have a quick wit and that you use it to your advantage as much as possible.

The Tyrant –

I am thankful for your strong will, because I know you will not be taken advantage of. I am thankful for your generosity and your fierce loyalty. I am thankful that you demand what you want and work extremely hard to get it. I am thankful that you know it is okay to be angry and have learned to control that anger. I am thankful that you still love to play and laugh. I am thankful that jokes never get old to you, no matter how many times your sisters ask you to stop. I am thankful for your warm little hands that fit so well in mine. You always try to warm up my cold hands with yours.

I am thankful for all these things and so much more. I could spend weeks writing about all the things that make you three wonderful people. I try to tell you all of it as much as I can every day. Love to my beautiful girls, today and every day.

8 Responses to “Giving Thanks”

  1. steenky bee

    This was lovely and divine. What a sweet tribute. Hey, you’re not wicked at all. What gives?

  2. awickedstepmom

    WickedStepMom is actually an inside joke between me and one of the girls. 🙂 I am just not telling you which one!

  3. Sprite's Keeper

    You are such a great mom! I think Jenbo’s right. What’s with the “Wicked”? NOTHING I have read has ever given me that impression and I’ve been stalking you for months! By the way, you’re linked!

  4. Jamie

    Awesome post! It is so important to remember what we are thankful for!!!

  5. HeatherPride

    Awww, I hope the girls do see this some day. You are one fantastic step mom and the only thing wicked about you is your sense of humor!!

  6. goodfather

    Awesome tribute to your girls. They are obviously lucky to have you, and you them.

    I wish you the very best Thanksgiving.

  7. Casey

    I have goosebumps over here, that was such a sweet tribute. Not sure if the girls know about the blog but you should really share this post with them, it was lovely.

  8. sammanthia

    Awesome post! I did the Spin this week, too, but I wrote about Britney Spears and throw up. I suck.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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