The Mother Hen vs. The Mountain

Posted On December 4, 2008

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The Mother Hen has always struggled with athletic tasks.  She is built like her father with large Irish legs.  When she tries to run or climb, her large legs make her awkward.  I think that she always compares herself to her younger sisters who are both built like bean poles and while still clumsy sometimes, tend to be more athletic.  She always makes her self feel like less because they make things look easy.

When we all decided to go sleding with Bear’s sister and brother in law over vacation, I was a little nervous.  In the past, The Mother Hen would get frustrated and just sit on the side lines.  We were on the small hill first and everyone was having fun.  The Show and The Tyrant would take a running head start and dive on the discs to go flying through the snow.  The Mother Hen was being more cautious but still enjoying the fun.  When Bear’s brother in law said we should move to the big hill, everyone was all for it.  We started walking around the back way, and the trek was a lot longer than anyone thought it would be.  The Mother Hen and I hung back and took the path slowly.  I didn’t want her to fall behind and I didn’t want her to feel left out and get frustrated.  Bear was struggling to keep up with The Show and The Tyrant who were running ahead.  He would look back every few minutes and we would just him a thumbs up.  I told The Mother Hen at the time and I still mean it now, “I am so glad that I am back here walking with you instead of up there trying to keep up!”

As we climbed, I could tell that she was tiring.  So, I suggested that we take a short break.  She looked relieved as we both plopped down in the snow.    After about 5 minites, I said “We are most of the way there, we are going down this hill.”  She nodded and smiled before standing back up.  On we climbed, the going was slow because the ground was very uneven.  But, we continued and finally caught up to the others, who were sitting in the snow and looking very tired.  Everyone took a trip down, I went down with the Mother Hen.  The Show and her aunt went down.   Bear and The Tyrant were quick to follow.  When we all made it down, The Show and The Tyrant started the climb back up.  The Mother Hen asked me to go with her.  I decided because honestly, the trip wore me out.

As the Mother Hen started to long climb back up, she started to slip.  She was wearing dress boots, not snow boots.  And the ground was really uneven.

The Tyrant and Bear trying to climb up

The Tyrant and Bear trying to climb up

As you can see, it was not an easy climb, even with the right boots.  So, she struggled.  She was about half way up when Bear looked at me and said, “She is making it up this hill.”  He started climbing up after her.  When he made it to her, she was still slipping and sliding all over the place.  They started to climb up together and I start shouting encouragements.  I thought I had shouted myself hoarse.  They were about a foot from the top when her aunt said, “[Husband] go down there and help [Bear] pull her up!”  I started shouting again, “No!  No way!  She has gone this far, let her finish!” It took another ten minutes but she finally made it to the top.  I have never seen her look so happy or so proud of herself.  She conquered the mountain and her own self-doubt.

2 Responses to “The Mother Hen vs. The Mountain”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    I have a feeling she will remember this and what you did for her for a long long time.

  2. Tricia

    I love, love. love this story!!! We really do learn to climb mountains so very young and when we have love and support helping to pull us to the top, it makes all the difference. Go Mother Hen!!

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