Holiday News Letter

Posted On December 5, 2008

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This week’s spin cycle is a holiday news letter. Since I have never received one or written one, I hope you guys don’t mind that fact that is a little short..

Happy Holidays Everyone!
This past year has been a really crazy one. We have traveled up north quite a bit and have had tons of things going on. The Mother Hen started high school this year and is doing well. She is in chorus again and we are looking forward to her concert. The Show has joined chorus this year and her concert is coming up soon as well. This is the first year that The Show has been in a school all by herself. She was a little nervous at first but seems to be doing well without her sisters around. The Tyrant is rocking the second grade. She is reading very well and is asking tons of questions about what words mean and how things work. I am very glad for her curiosity. Both The Show and The Tyrant are growing faster than we can keep them in clothes! Bear and I are doing well with work. Not too much has changed for us. But, I think we prefer it that way.
This year for Christmas, we are donating to a lot of charities because so many people have lost their jobs around here. We want to make sure that no one goes hungry. So, if you are planning on getting us gifts, please spend the money instead on your own kids or donate it to someone in need. That is what we are doing this year. (Yes, Mom and Dad, I know you will get us presents anyway. We love you for it and we know it makes you happy to spoil us!)

We hope you and your family are doing well. Enjoy the holidays!

2 Responses to “Holiday News Letter”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Short but sweet! You and Bear are raising three lovely girls.
    You’re linked!

  2. halfasgoodasyou

    I like short and sweet, it works for me! I wish my parents would go with the “don’t buy gifts for everyone” idea but they insist on buying everything under the sun and they can’t afford it. Hope you have a great holiday!

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