Some kind of weird bromance

Posted On December 9, 2008

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First, I want to thank you all for de-lurking and showing your support over my recent crisis.  It really helped to know that other people out there have faced the same kinds of things that I was going through.  I also found some really great blogs that I have started reading because of your comments.  I can not express how much your support has gotten me through the self doubt.  Writing again is also thanks, in no small part to Bear.  I don’t think I could have gotten back to it without him.

Now that the mushy stuff is out of the way, I wanted to share this story with you.  As we were driving home from Up North (yes, it is a destination and vacation spot for Michiganders), we found a great radio station on my new satellite radio that came equipped on my new car.  It is called Hair Nation and it is awesome.  For those of you who do not know, there is a 10 year age gap between Bear and I.  The fact that we listen to the same kind of 80s rock has always been a point of amusement between us.  All through out the ride, we were singing along to some really good tunes that we haven’t heard in ages.

About an hour from home, we were both getting tired.  The Show was sleeping in the back seat.  The Mother Hen and The Tyrant were quietly sharing a book light so that they could read and color.  After the 5 hours on the road, Bear and I were tired and sore but also slap happy.  We were giggling about everything and trying to keep each other awake and aware.  I was driving because it was the city part of the trip, so he was doing his co-pilot duties and trying to keep me entertained.  The song on the radio stopped and “Two of Hearts” by Stacy Q came on.  I started laughing and began doing the Two of Hearts dance.  Any body else remember the dance?  It is hard to do while sitting but I pulled it off.  Bear looked over at me, and said as shocked and awed as possible, “What did they have some sort of dance at your pre-school?!  How the HELL do you know the Two of Hearts dance??!!”  This only made me laugh harder and continue dancing, all the while singing “Two of hearts, two hearts the beat as one!”

We are both laughing so hard by now that we wake up The Show.  She looks up and says, “What is going on?  What is so funny?”  The Tyrant looks at her and rolls her eyes, “They are having some kind of weird bromance. Go back to sleep, I am sure it will be over soon.”

9 Responses to “Some kind of weird bromance”

  1. Smilf

    HA! I found your blog on stepchicks. My hubby and I are 10 years apart as well so I can totally relate to these types of conversations. I wrote a post one time about the gap in music and how funny it is. I don’t notice the gap really until situations like songs, shows, etc. come up and we realize, oh yeah, he was like in college when I was in elementary school. LOL

  2. goodfather

    LOL @ ‘bromance’. I guess you can officially apply it anywhere!

    The 80s RULE!

  3. ms. changes pants while driving

    i always sang it “two heart hearts”!! i didn’t know it was two of hearts! also… strange factoid… my parents had a big van when my sister and i were little… she was four or five, i was six or seven. she and i were camping out in it, jumping from the top bunk to the bottom bed (that converted from a table), and she broke her arm WHILE this song was playing. and i will never forget it. so don’t let your kids sleep in your camper van in the front yard while this song is playing.

  4. ms. changes pants while driving

    i mean, not in the front YARD. it was in front of the house. parked in front. i guess i could have said driveway. but that would be too easy, wouldn’t it?

  5. Tricia

    Bromance…how funny!

    My husband and I have a significant age difference, and he’s still trying to explain the Beatles, which apparently I can appreciate but not fully understand since I wasn’t even born during their hey day.

  6. HeatherPride

    OK, I was in high school when that song was popular, but I don’t remember the dance!! If we ever meet, I am going to ask you to demonstrate so be prepared!!

  7. gotlime

    Whew! I’m glad HeatherPride posted because I was starting to think I was the only one who doesn’t know the Two of Hearts dance! Now, I’m off to google!

  8. halfasgoodasyou

    I LOVE it, a bromance! We always call my husband’s friendship with my best friend’s husband a bromance…

    Glad you had fun, and yes… I know the dance.

  9. sammanthia

    I don’t remember the dance, so I think I’ll just make up my own.;)

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