Voices That Carry

Posted On December 18, 2008

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For the last few years, The Mother Hen has been involved in her school’s chorus classes.  They perform two concerts a year and I always look forward to it.  This year, The Show was finally able to participate in chorus and we were able to go to her very first concert.  The Show is in middle school and The Mother Hen is in high school, so their concerts were a week apart.  Due to circumstance beyond our control, The Mother Hen did not make it to her concert this year.  Both girls love to sing and will often burst into song when they feel like singing.  It is something like living in a musical.  Bear always smiles when they do, and so do I.  Their faces light up whenever they sing, even if it is just a warm up.  When we are in the car, I will purposely try to find songs that they like to sing along to, just so I can see their faces light up like that.

The Show’s concert was very similar in format to the Mother Hen’s previous concerts.  They entered the stage wearing the now familiar school polo shirts and khaki pants.  But, one thing really stood out.  The Show was dead center right where everyone could see her.  When they began to sing, she began to smile.  The Mother Hen always hides in the back and doesn’t start smiling until half way through their first song.  The Show even announce a song and played the tambourine right in front.  She smiled the whole time.  It reminded me so much of the pure joy that comes across the Mother Hen’s face when she sings.  Watching them perform is like magic.  You can see into their hearts and know that in those few moments, they are truly happy and at peace.  They have different ways of dealing with the world and voices that carry their hearts and spirits.  I will always love to hear them sing.


6 Responses to “Voices That Carry”

  1. spriteskeeper

    It’s amazing how two sisters can be so different yet linked in such a special gift. By the way, I mention it again, do you know what an amazing mom you are?

  2. goodfather

    Co cool that you’ve got musical kids there! And that you are supportive. My kids all got the musical gene too, and I love watching them perform.

  3. Jenny

    How sweet! My two daughters love to sing, too. They get it from their paternal grandma because I don’t think their mom sings. I love to hear them sing together. I can’t wait until they are old enough for choir.

  4. halfasgoodasyou

    That sounds beautiful! I can’t sing at all, Jamie offered (nicely) to pay for singing lessons, I’m that bad. I would love to live in a musical like you do! I would imagine it’s something like Orphan Annie but with parents and better furnishings. Am I right?

  5. HeatherPride

    Aw, I love to hear my kid singing. Especially when he doesn’t know the words so he mumbles something really fast to make you think he does. I’m so proud of The Show and her tambourine!!

  6. sammanthia

    Awesome! I love listening to my kids sing, even when it’s the same song over and over again and it’s something they’ve heard watching The Wiggles (Ryerson).
    Sounds like a good time… I’m glad you guys were able to go!

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