I took the bait…

Posted On January 7, 2009

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Jen over at Sprite’s Keeper recently was tagged begged to do an interview meme.  At the end of the post, she invited others to take part in the meme.  I took the bait…

Here is what she asked:

1. If you could invent an easy fix (just one) for anything in your life, what would it be and how would it change things?

I would create a drug that would mean no more allergies.  Then, I would go to the store and buy regular shampoo and regular laundry detergent and regular toothpaste.  I would then order a large pepperoni pizza and make a salami sandwich.  Then, I would hang out in a room with sulfur based pyrotechnics, just because I could.

2. You have been given a large sum of money, $500,000.00. Here’s the catch: you can’t keep it and you can’t donate it. You must buy something with it, but for someone else in your family. Who would you buy for and what would you buy?

I would buy Bear and new car because he needs one.  And because there would be money left over, I would hire a chef for my dad who would only make things that my dad can eat and enjoy.

3. You have the opportunity to erase one embarrassing moment from your memory. What would you erase? (Why is optional.)

This is not so tough, but it may be a little hard for male readers to read, so..  I will put a little break here so that you can skip on to question 4.



Okay, I would erase the time that I started my period in high school and didn’t notice until the blood was on my jeans.  My mom had to bring me new pants…  a friend of mine let my borrow his sweatshirt so that I could tie it around my waist.  If you don’t know why I would erase this one, well, you haven’t been a teenage girl.



So, question number 4…

4. Imagine that you had your dream job. What are you doing? What hours are you working? How much do you think your salary SHOULD be?

I would be working from 8am -4pm as a computer analyst for the FBI.  I would use my hacking skills to track terrorist and other people who use the Internet for ill.  As far as salary goes, I would be happy for around $50,000 a year.  Plenty of money to do what I need to (including pay for all those expensive cleaning products) and a little left over for fun.

5. What is the one luxury you can absolutely not live without and why not?

My cell phone.  I can go without the Internet. I can go without TV.  I CAN NOT live without my cell phone.  I didn’t always have one, but now, I need it.  I send texts to my mom and dad, to Bear and the kids.  I text relatives and coordinate plans that way.  I conduct business and deal with companies on my cell phone.  When I lost it for a day, I thought I would lose my mind!

6 Responses to “I took the bait…”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Great answers! A personal chef for your dad would not be expected, but bravo!

  2. HeatherPride

    I’ve got a high school period story (don’t we all?). I was coming out of the cafeteria, not realizing I had just started while wearing my black and WHITE (mostly white, natch) plaid shorts (stylish!) and I was 3/4 of the way down the hall when this gal came out of the cafeteria doors and SHOUTED down the hallway, “Hey Heather – you sat in some ketchup at lunch!!!” in front of like half of the student body.

  3. Jamie

    Great answers and I totally relate to your embarrassing story only I was in grade six and I was in gym class and I went home for the day crying my eyes out I even took a sick day the following day I was devasted!!

  4. sammanthia

    Love this and I feel SO much better knowing I’m not the only one with the same embarrassing moment.
    I got mine at a basketball game once… I was a cheerleader. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

  5. Tricia

    I love your idea for a dream job. It sounds like fantastic fun.

  6. Casey

    Great answers! I’ve been given my questions and I need to do them soon.
    How nice of you for the personal chef, if you have any food leftover, send it my way. I like food. That period story was terrible, sorry about that! I got mine on the first day of high school, great timing! Ahh, technology. I don’t remember (or want to) life without it. What did we do back then? Read BOOKS? Have conversations? Yuck! 😉

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