One more reason the technology scares me…

Posted On January 14, 2009

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I was reading a few news websites the other day and stumbled upon this.  The article talks about 6 teens who are in Pennsylvania that have child pornography charges against them.  What did they do, you ask?  Well, apparently three girls (under the age of 18) sent nude pictures of themselves to three boys (under the age of 18).  There are many things about this article that I find highly disturbing.  First, it never states if the boy prompted the girls for the photos or if the girls just sent them the photos.  It also doesn’t say who reported it.  But this article had me thinking about all of those questions.  I wondered if someone could get into trouble just because someone else sent them a picture and they deleted it.  Or if the crime came into play because the picture wasn’t reported?  The other thing that really bothered me was when did taking nude pictures of your teenage self become so popular?  I remember being a teenager and feeling awkward for most of that time period.  I didn’t want my picture taken with my cloths on!  So, why did teens become so comfortable with themselves.  The last big issue I have with this is the charges.  To me, they seem a little harsh.  After all, in most states, convicted sex offenders must register on a list and notify their neighbors and anyone that they work with.  So, can you imagine these kids going door to door throughout there neighborhood announcing this?  And later in life, when they have a real job they have to report it to everyone that when they were 15 they sent a naked picture of themselves to someone else and are now permanently on the sex offender registry.  Hopefully, PA won’t make this piece of it a requirement.  But, it just seems over the top, if you ask me.

Take a minute and talk to your teenagers about this.  I know I will be talking to my girls.  I have always told (every time a new sex tape scandal hits the news..) the best way to avoid this kind of trouble is not to take the picture in the first place.


7 Responses to “One more reason the technology scares me…”

  1. spriteskeeper

    If they’re all under 18, would those charges stand? Aren’t they still minors in the eyes of the law?

  2. kellicarnahanphotography

    YES! We are dealing with the same thing with my step-daughter (well almost step) we found dirty e-mails in her myspace. At first we were like “what the heck are we going to do!!!” Then we decided what was right for us to take steps to fix the problem. You can follow my journy at

  3. movindowntheroad

    Oh, I am dreading the teenage years in our day. thankfully my girls and I are off to a good start about discussing whatever comes up.

  4. halfasgoodasyou

    I saw this a lot when I was working at a high school. The kids all had MySpace pages with half naked pictures of themselves and pictures of them drinking and doing drugs. It was terrible.

  5. Tricia

    We were also just discussing this. Sexuality and nudity have become so vanilla for so many teens and preteens and I don’t get the naked pictures either. And, if it was my son and he didn’t prompt the pictures, I’d be all over the DA for pressing charges. There are so many things that don’t add up, as you pointed out.

  6. StepMom Magazine

    We just had this conversation with SD (13) after a local teacher was suspended for exchanging similar photos with a student. Raising kids today is a whole different ballgame thanks to the powerful media tools we sometimes take for granted. It makes co-parenting between ex’s even more important – to ensure that the rules involving internet access and text messaging are consistent within each household.

  7. Captain Dumbass

    Just imagine the stupid things we would have gotten up to if we’d had this technology.

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