What If

Posted On January 16, 2009

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This week in the Spin Cycle, we have the opportunity to play “what if…”  So, I started to think about it.  What if…  What if I could go back in time and make all the wrong things right.  What if I could change things so that none of the bad things in my life happened.  Would I go and change everything?  If I changed one thing would it change everything in my life now?  Would I mess up the happiness I have now in order to remove those bad memories?  The more that I think about it, one change could change everything.  For example, if I went out of state for college because things were different instead of staying local, I would have never met Bear.  If I never met Bear, I wouldn’t have my happiness now.

So, when I think about it long enough, and I ask myself, “Would I change things?”  My answer is absolutely not.


6 Responses to “What If”

  1. Casey

    I feel that exact same way. The journey getting here sucked big time but I’m so glad I’m here. Kudos to you too!

  2. Sprite's Keeper

    Sorry I’m late! I couldn’t agree more. Just one little change can, well, CHANGE the course of everything we know! Wonderful Spin, you’re linked!

  3. steenky bee

    You know, I wouldn’t change anything either. I love my life, everyone in it (yes, everyone). I’m happy and changing it would be catastrophic. I’ve seen all three Back to the Futures, trust me, I know how the space time continuum works.

  4. sammanthia

    I totally agree, and I wouldn’t change anything, either. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes but I think it’s the mistakes that made me who I am.

  5. phhhst

    It always come back to that, doesn’t it? Great spin.

  6. Tricia

    Great perspective and I do think it’s wonderful to embrace our journey to “today”.

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