Giggly Bushes

Posted On January 20, 2009

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Bear’s brother, who spends a lot of time in northern Michigan, has a saying for a snow-mobiler in the ditch.  He calls it going into the giggly bushes.  Because after you crash, all of your buddies point and giggle.  This saying came to mind as we were driving for three hours in a snow storm to a wedding last weekend.  Several people were in the ditch.  If you are unfamiliar with driving in the snow, this may not surprise you.  But, as we were driving, the roads were mostly clear, and it really looked as though the people that ended up in the ditch were driving poorly.

After about an hour of seeing cars in the ditch about every 5 miles or so, the girls were starting to get nervous.  So, Bear and I started doing the only thing that we could think of.  Every time we saw a car in the ditch we would shout “Giggly bushes!!” The first time we did this, the kids were stunned for a moment before they started laughing.  The next time, when we shouted, the girls joined in.  The Mother Hen and The Show started keeping count of the number of times that we shouted.  We passed the time shouting and laughing at people who were driving so badly they ended in the ditch.  When we arrived, the first thing they did was tell their uncle, “We saw like 30 people in the giggly bushes!”

8 Responses to “Giggly Bushes”

  1. Casey

    That’s hilarious! I’ve never driven in the snow but the thought of it terrifies me. I hydroplaned into a light pole once and I can’t even drive in the rain without freaking out.

  2. sammanthia

    Hilarious! I’ll have to remember that the next time we drive to Michigan in the winter- it’s a lot better than what I was saying to Mark when we drove back for Christmas.;)

  3. Sprite's Keeper

    I’ve never seen the stuff, sure as heck never driven in it, and never want to! I see a lot of accidents cross my desk and most of them are due to snow!

  4. goodfather

    Too funny! It’s amazing how many ‘seasoned’ drivers end up in the ditch in the snow. Great game!

  5. Tricia

    What a great way to help ease the nerves. The first time I ever took my husband for a snowmobile ride, we ended up in the giggly bushes. He hasn’t ridden with me again.

  6. Captain Dumbass

    If they were driving trucks or SUV’s and you know they were driving faster because of this it is totally ok to actually stop the car and laugh at them.

  7. Bill (not Jill)

    *Waving to my old blogging friend*

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    […] was important for the Tribe and needs its own place on the blog.  It is why we were driving in a snow storm. And why it was so important to make it there in one piece.  We got to go to a wedding as the […]

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