How Fortunate

Posted On January 25, 2009

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Thank you everyone for all the well wishes!  I am feeling loads better and while not fully recovered I am at least full coherent again.  Or at least as coherent as I was before I got sick.  So, thank you bunches!

It has become our tradition to get Chinese food once every two weeks with some co-workers for lunch.  Bear and I have offices fairly close to each other and so we get together with some of his co-workers and some of mine and have a huge Chinese food lunch.  This has been going on so long, that if my co-workers and I miss it due to a meeting, everyone asks Bear where we are.  This past week, we had our Chinese food lunch.  We got our typical orders, sweet and sour chicken for him and chicken lo mien for me. At the end of the meal, I held out the fortune cookies for everyone to choose from.  Everyone picked a cookie in turn and I took what has left over. We always read our fortunes out loud to everyone.  Some of them are funny and some of them are serious, but what happen when we destroyed our desserts has never happened before.  In eight years of tradition, we have never had a matching fortune but this time Bear and I had the exact same one.

“You will make many changes before your settle satisfactorily”


After this weekend, I have to say two things.  I am amazed how true our fortunes turned out to be.  And Chinese people don’t actually eat fortune cookies.

4 Responses to “How Fortunate”

  1. Casey

    Your lunches sound like a lot of fun. Aren’t you supposed to add “in bed” to the end of every fortune? I heard that somewhere. Heheh.

    Glad you’re feeling a bit better, being sick is no fun.

  2. Twenty Four At Heart

    Yum …… Chinese food – my favorite!

  3. Sammanthia

    That’s just crazy. I gave up on fortune cookies when I realized I only ever got the crappy, depressing ones. I don’t need that crap.;)

  4. Tricia

    What happened this weekend? Was this an intentional cliff hanger?

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