Posted On January 29, 2009

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I have found myself lately very disappointed with humanity as a whole.  Every day, we hear more and more about people and their collective indifference to everyone around them.  Is it a sign of the economy?  Is it a sign of the times?  Is it a sign that we really are doomed to repeat the mistakes of Rome?  Have we really turned into a “me-first” society?

Maybe it is because I am looking for it but I have found a lot of things in the news lately that just makes me sick.  Genosideis occurring around the world and we turn a blind eye to it.  Companies knowingly let tainted foodmake it to the consumer.  People care more about themselves and their own entertainment than someone that died. You see it everyday, people cutting in front of other in line at the grocery store.  People slamming each other on the Internet.  Signs announcing “Please end cell phone conversation before…” (Because people are that rude and they won’t end their calls even in the doctor’s office.) 

What happened to the sense of community that our parents and grandparents had?  Not so long ago, if a child was starving, and you invited them to share a family dinner you were thanked.  Most of the time you weren’t, because it was what was expected.  Now, if you do the same, you will be lucky if the police don’t show up at your door asking loads of questions about your motives for feeding a starving child.  Maybe this the reason we are a me-first society?  Is it because we are too scared of the consequences of doing the right thing?  To me, that doesn’t even make sense.

What we really need is a good old fashioned zombie apocalypse. 

Because, lets be honest.  Nothing brings humanity together like the walking dead…

5 Responses to “Disappointed”

  1. cowgirl73

    Absolutely! We live in a society without accountability. . .without boundaries. Don Williams said it best when he stated “without absolutes” you live in a lawless land. What you end up with is a world where everybody has their own “truth” and are entitled to it. Steal from you boss? That’s your “truth”. . .you may have justification. Engage sexually with your father, your dog? No problem. . .it’s your “truth”. It’s all about my business is my business, regardless of laws and morals, and you stay out of it because it’s MY “truth”, not yours!
    I hope and pray that the current state of society in whole will bring us back to our roots. With families losing their homes and having to move in with relatives, maybe we will get back to multi-generational households where families tow the line as a unified structure. We learn how to take care of eachother, to show compassion and work together. Will we see a return toa life with morals and values? Time will tell.

  2. cowgirl73

    Oh, and on another note– the zombie thing was HILARIOUS! If that’s the worst we have to worry about– hackers and street signs, we might be headed in the right direction! 🙂

  3. Sprite's Keeper

    I think I’d rather take my chances with the zombies…

  4. Casey

    I just read the story about the frozen guy that nobody cared to report. You’re right, people are terrible these days. Some good old zombies could scare us all back into shape, methinks.

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