Saving Money

Posted On February 6, 2009

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I spent a lot of time thinking about the things that we do to save money.  Its hard for us, because I require all special stuff.  But, there are some cost cutting measures that we take all the time.  Here is the list:

  • We do not buy snack foods unless they are on sale (then we stock up)
  • We separate everything. My stuff gets washed in special detergent, everyone else’s doesn’t.  They have their own shampoo and I have mine, etc.
  • No one really likes to eat left overs in the house, except me.  So we only cook what we are going to eat, otherwise a lot of stuff gets thrown away.
  • We shop at thrift stores and clearance racks for clothes as much as possible.
  • We clip coupons and visit websites with extra savings.  (check out Shortcutsthe site loads clip-less coupons on to your shopping card for certain stores.)
  • I participate in a lot of free sample programs and surveys that offer free stuff.  The kids love it because we are the first to try a lot of things.  (Kraft has an awesome program for it)
  • I also check out manufacturers sites for coupons.  Campbell’s, Kraft, Land O’ Lakesand many others have coupons right off of there sites.  P&G also has a ton of coupons.

Its not a whole lot of savings but a little bit here and there can really add up to be alot.

7 Responses to “Saving Money”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    I usually have soup for lunch, so Campbells coupons are right up my alley! Thanks for the tips, I’ll be checking those sites out! You’re linked!

  2. CDB

    These are great, thanks for the tip to visit Shortcuts.. and that little widget (where it pops up the screen shot of the link) is pretty trippy.

    Great spin!

  3. Lulu and Moxley's Mom

    We finally joined Costco (they have some kind of money-back program so we basically got the membership for free.) Just a warning: don’t let husbands do the shopping there or they come home with items like a 15-pound bag of frozen sea trout and other things people don’t actually ever eat. I finally told him I wanted to throw it out so he cooked himself a piece of it to buy it an extra few months taking up space in our freezer. That bag of fish may lead to our divorce.

  4. Stefanie

    Have you thought of having lunch for the whole family by utilizing the costco samples? You can really get filled up that way. I learned it by accident. You just have to space out your return trips to the same food.

  5. Casey

    Oh, good tips. I haven’t checked the manufacturer’s sites before, I think I’ll try that!

  6. Keely

    Great tips! I did ‘regular’ type surveys for a while and never got anything out of it. Never thought of going straight to the manufacturers.

  7. mybellafiglia

    Great links! My mom tested products when we were kids-I’d forgotten about that until you mentioned it. I will definately look into that! Gteat spin. 🙂 -Shangrila

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