Posted On February 9, 2009

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Yesterday, The Mother Hen walked in and said to me “You have been cleaning, haven’t you?”  So, I look at her, confused, “Umm.. yeah, why?”  She grins, “Because it smells all frilly in here and it always does when you have been cleaning.”  After I got over the fact that I have girly-smelling cleaning products, I started thinking about the smells that trigger memories for me.  I wonder if when she is older, she will think about my house cleaning whenever she smells “frilly” things.

For me, I have a list of things that trigger thoughts and memories whenever I smell them.

Winston cigarettes and old spice – My uncle who passed away when I was a teenager

Cinnamon rolls – birthday’s as a kid

Guacamole – my grandmother’s house

What about you?  What smells trigger happy thoughts for you?

3 Responses to “Frilly”

  1. Cheryl

    PopTarts…especially the frosted Chocolate Vanilla Creme ones….reminds me of the pre-pubescent days wherein I didn’t feel even one morsel of guilt for eating them for breakfast (and sometimes lunch…and dinner…)

  2. captaindumbass

    Nail polish or nail polish remover. Reminds me of my mom.

  3. halfasgoodasyou

    Cinnamon Trident gum reminds me of my uncle who passed away. He always had it in his shirt pocket and would always share. Thinking back, he never asked my mom if it was ok to give gum to a little kid.

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