Peanuts Are the DEVIL!

Posted On February 16, 2009

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Okay, here comes my soap box and rant.  All small children should leave the room immediately.  If you have a heart condition stop reading now!!  I have been reading the news again lately.  I know I keep promising myself to stop but its like a train wreck and I am addicted.  I can’t help but make CNN my home page.  It is shameless self-torture but it must be done.

Peanuts have gotten such a bad wrap lately.  The have been recalled due to salmonella and now they are being protested on Northwest Airlines.  Why are they being protested, you say?  Because people have allergies!  I understand that some people are so allergic to things that even if they are in the air it could kill you.  I mean, check out my allergy page.  But, come on!  You don’t see me denying the rest of the world pepperoni and hamburgers!  I don’t get fellow beef allergy suffers together and hold protests at McDonald’s every weekend.  Even though, they are bastard for making their fries so damn delicious while adding beef to them!

I have been know to go into analytic shock from someone walking by with the wrong perfume.  You don’t see me accosting said person with personal protection orders and lawsuits baning the use of their poisonous to me perfumes.  I don’t demand that it be a sulfate free zone wherever I go.  Even though that would make my life a bit easier.   So, why do these people feel that it is okay to protest peanuts?  And file laws suits?  And scream from the roof tops?  Maybe because they are a majority.  I mean, only about 0.01% of the population is allergic to sulfates.  So, we would have  a small group of people to protest against THE MAN.  But, really, I think it is silly to prevent others from eating things that they enjoy because you happen to be allergic.  Not everyone with a peanut allergy will spontaneously combust if peanuts are in the air.  But, everyone that gets a rash from eating peanuts feels it okay to scream “Are you trying to kill me?  Peanuts are the DEVIL!”

4 Responses to “Peanuts Are the DEVIL!”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Shout on the soapbox!
    My daughter’s daycare has done that in the past with peanut allergies that prohibit any food items contributed by parents to be peanut free. One classroom even has a gluten policy due to an allergy and all the kids have to abide by it. It can be inconveniencing to the other kids who don’t need to worry about the contamination, but I can also see it from the side of the mother who is worried that her kid will accidentally get something he shouldn’t. But banning peanuts on an airline? It would be better for the airline to just give a disclaimer while booking a flight so anyone with a peanut allergy should take it upon themselves to make sure they’re not getting exposed to something they don’t want to.

  2. Sammanthia

    It just goes to show you that you can pretty much sue anyone for anything nowadays. I mean, c’mo… when is enough going to be enough?

  3. captaindumbass

    Mmm, peanuts. Peanut sauce. Thai food… maybe it’s time for dinner.

  4. Casey

    The airlines boycotting peanuts is a bit drastic. I’m with SK, my kid doesn’t have any allergies that could cause him to go into shock but I have a friend whose kid does and she’s afraid to send him to preschool next year since something could happen and she wouldn’t be there to deal with it. That’s an understandable case but boycotting peanuts on an airline is just ridiculous. Jeez.

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