Stories That Need to Be Told: Part 2

Bear and I have been worrying about The Show lately.  She is in the ‘tween age years and facing a number of ‘tween aged challenges.  She has always been a very independent and free thinking girl but as she is getting older she is starting to let others make decisions for her.  So, I have two stories about her that will hopefully help her remember not only who she is but how much she is loved.


When The Show was born, Bear worked the swing shift for the Airforce in North Carolina.  Because they had The Mother Hen at the time and Bear couldn’t take care of the new born Show, his mother flew in from Michigan to help out.  This story was told to me by her recently.  She would keep The Show’s crib in her room with her so that she could get up with her when she cried.  But, every day at nap time, Bear would wake up to come and get her so that she could sleep on his chest.  He would sleep on the couch and The Show would tuck her little feet into his waist band and curl her little fists into his chest hair.  The two of them would sleep this way until it was time for Bear to get up and go to work.  His mother told me that the first few times he had to go to work were the hardest.  The Show would cry and so would Bear when it came time for him to leave.  She would have to spend about 20 minutes cooing to The Show, “Don’t worry pretty girl, Daddy’s coming home soon.”


A few summer’s ago, The Show was afraid of heights.  She still is to a point but she is much better now.  We were all at a lighthouse near Lake Superior.  The first think I did, was run to the top of the lighthouse.  I didn’t realize that I was the only one.  I looked down from the top and The Show and Bear were in a deep conversation.  So, I came back down.  It turns out The Show wanted to see the top, but she was too scared.  So, I told her to come with me.  It was slow going and the close we go to the top, the more she began to shake.  We were almost to the top when she announced that she thought she was going to throw up.  I told her that she could go back down if she wanted to.  She looked at me and said, ” No, I need to do this.” She continued to climb.  When we reached the top, I made her stop and take a photo.  Its a little blurry because her hands were shaking but, this is the view she had.shows-view




The Show,

May you always have as much courage as you had on this day.  And may you always remember how much people love you.



4 Responses to “Stories That Need to Be Told: Part 2”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    I need to overcome my fear of heights too. And I’m 32. She’s a lot braver than I.

  2. Casey

    Heights make me nervous too! She’s so brave to push through her fears and tackle them like that….

  3. Sammanthia

    I think it’s so hard being a girl nowadays, but with you and Bear she’ll be just fine.

  4. Jenny

    These are such sweet stories. I hope The Show can make it through the tween and teen years. She has good people who love her. 🙂

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