Laughter is the Best Medicine

(Spin Cycle: Laughter)

Bear and I have always tried to teach the girls that laughing about a situation is better than crying about it.  This will spur him to do the “I’m cold butt wiggle” and try to make us laugh whenever we are hurt.  The other day, I was at the poditrist office again, with The Mother Hen.  I have an injury to my trapezius metatarsal (number 1 in the picture) on my right foot and it is extremely painful.  For now, my doctor is trying to heal it without going the cast and surgery route.

As we are sitting there and I am pouting because I am not going to be able to golf in the Spring, The Mother Hen was trying to cheer me up.  So, she started talking about her penguin reusable hand warmer, his name is Bob the Rockstar.  He is about the size of my hand and has stubby, cute little arms.  “Don’t be sad, [WickedStepMom]!  Just think of Bob the Rockstar doing the cabbage patch!” she said with a grin.  I giggled with her. 

When the doctor came back in, he announced he would once again be giving me a cortisone shot in my foot.  Last time, this hurt a lot and I was pretty sure it would this time too.  So, as I am laying back and he is putting the needle in my foot, The Mother Hen stands up over me and says, “I know it hurts, but think of Bob the Rockstar doing the Thriller dance.”  I started to laugh and she did too.  The doctor probably thinks we are crazy but I was laughing the whole time he was digging around in my foot to find the right spot to put the cortisone. 

When we got home, I was pretty tender because the local anastetic was wearing off. So, she was having Bob the Rockstar do various dances any time I made a face and grabbed my foot.  We spent the rest of the night planning how we are going to make Bob the next bit YouTube hit!


5 Responses to “Laughter is the Best Medicine”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Nicely spun! And your nurse does house visits! I hope Sprite is my comic relief when I’m in pain. Right now, I could be laughing hard and she thinks I’m crying, so she tries to soothe me. She’ll learn. You’re linked!

  2. HeatherPride

    Ugh, that does sound painful! Glad you have Mother Hen to help lighten the mood!

  3. Casey

    That’s great that you have your own personal comedian! Sorry to hear about your foot still hurting, yuck. I always laugh AT my kids when they fall but I’m not sure if it’s the same thing. Actually, it usually keeps them from crying since they laugh along with me.

  4. Sammanthia

    I’ve hurt corthisone shots are a MUTHA so I’m glad to hear you had someone there to make you laugh. I would have cried like a baby.

  5. Laufa

    Hope your foot feels better soon. Glad Mother Hen was there to distract you.

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