You know, Internet, I love when articles are posted about whether or not your children are spoiled. I have written about this once before.   Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t think the girls are spoiled, but I love analyzing the articles to see how they measure up.  I really wonder if parents out there have no idea if their kids are spoiled.  So, here comes the snark analysis. 

1) They resort to crying or yelling when they want something. – Does screaming “give me back the controller, Buttdart, its my TURN!!!” count?  Because if not, I am going to say, they pass.

2) They throw themselves on floor and won’t get up. – I can’t say that they have ever thrown themselves on the floor on purpose.  I mean, I don’t know if I am starting to rub off on them or what, but my klutziness is starting to get through the house like a bad cold.

3) They constantly throw tantrums or even hit you when you punish them. – Umm.. yeah…  sure.  We don’t have this problem, but if your kid does this and you don’t know that they are a brat..  seek medical attention because you have been hit in the head too many times or you have a brain tumor.  Either way, get help, NOW!

4) They ignore you when you ask a question. – I think all kids ignore their parents to some extent.  “Did you put away your toys? ” is almost always followed by no response while they are dashing to put their toys away.  Also, with today’s constant need for headphones, make sure your kid can actually hear you before you blow your stack.  The Show does this to Bear all the time.  She will have her little ear buds in and he will be talking, she doesn’t even blink… Then he hells, and she pulls out the ear buds and says, “Dad what’s wrong?”  While this is hysterical, it probably doesn’t qualify as bray behavior.

5) They are rude to other adults and even to other children. – Being rude to your siblings is part of life.  So, excluding that, they are very sweet to adults and other children.  You know, when they are sleeping and playing video games. 😉

6) They refuse to share toys or treats with other children. – We are well pass the “MINE!” phase but do not, under any circumstances touch The Tyrant’s honey buns, unless you are bringing her a honey bun.  It is her favorite treat and she takes great offense when her sisters so much as touch the box.  I wouldn’t call this brat behavior either.  But, her sisters know how to push her buttons well, if the need should arrise.

7) They are show-offs and are constantly trying to one-up their peers to be the center of attention. – The Show gets her name because she puts on a show and is usually the center of attention at parties.  However, it is not something she even does on purpose.  She just loves to make people laugh and will happily let someone else take center stage.  She just is a natural at getting attention from a room of people.  It has long been said that she will be a stand up comedian or a lawyer.  So, I am going to give them the pass on this one too.

8) They always want whatever everyone else has. Once they have it, they want something new. – Do dollar store toys count?  They usually last a good few hours before they are broken or in the garbage or in the bottom of the toy box.  But, that is about all I can think of for this one.  They are not materialistic.  They want the stuff they like but that is about it.

9) They keep a messy room and never help out around the house despite your pleas for them to do so. – *clears throat* Well…  okay, this is kind of true.  The Show and The Tyrant share a room.  It is the messiest in the house by far.  It is dangerous to walk in there, even when you don’t have a sore foot. However, if you ask them for help around the house, they hop to it.  So like me at their ages.  I know I am a spoil brat, so I am going to say that they fail on this one, just because they are like me.  The Mother Hen, by the way, refuses to even look in their room and demands that they door remain shut. She is kind of a neat freak and it upsets her to see a messy room.

10) They refuse to go to bed. – Actual bed time conversation on many occasions.. 

Child:  “But, daddy!”

Bear: “Buttdart!”

Child: “I just want to finish watching this show!!”

Bear: “Get to bed, Buttdart.”

Child: Sulking ensues…

So, there you have it..  1 maybe, 2 brat like tendencies.  How do your kids measure up to the brat behavior list?

7 Responses to “Spoiled”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Ouch, 7 out of 10. Although Sprite has only displayed minor attributes of each one. She doesn’t act out violently when we put her into time out, she just puts on a show about trying to escape.

  2. captaindumbass

    I love the look they get when you try and tell them something. You can see them turn off and go somewhere else.

  3. halfasgoodasyou

    I’m going to have to start using this “Buttdart” term, it’s very endearing. My kid fails on a lot of those but I swear, we’re working on it. I think one of my worst fears is producing a spoiled, bratty kid. My SIL’s kids are little aholes and are so sarcastic/rude to other adults and she thinks it’s hilarious.

  4. Sammanthia

    Brats? AHEM, I prefer “socially challenged”. Wink.

  5. Smart Mouth Broad

    Sounds like every kid to me. Buttdart! That’s a new one for me.

  6. Lulu and Moxley's Mom

    It dawned on me this weekend I might be raising brats. One threw a fit when I put on Jack’s Big Music Show when she wanted Sesame Street. They are only 15 months old! (Yes, I know they shouldn’t even be watching tv yet. Suck it.) Heeellppppppppp!

  7. Tricia

    After reading this, I’m convinced I’m completely spoiled!

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