The Wicked Step Mom Toolkit

Posted On February 24, 2009

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When we were at the book store the other day, The Tyrant saw a book that was called “Mom’s Totebag.”  It had a bunch of stuff that Mom’s carry with them when they go out with their kids.  The Tyrant said, “This should be called [WickedStepMom]’s Tote Bag.”  It made me giggle until I realized that the kid was right, I do have a bunch of stuff that I lug around for their benefit.  So, here is my Wicked Step Mom ToolKit.  (Leave home without it at your own risk.)

  1. Gum – Gum solves more arguments then anything else.   But, you have to carry two kinds.  A minty kind, that the older ones like and a fruity kind that the younger ones like.  If you give The Tyrant a minty piece of gum, there is a 50-50 chance that you will hear a panicked cry of  “SPICY!!” from the back seat. 
  2. A small notebook and pen – This can be used for drawing pictures, making lists, playing hang man or as a wrapper for the gum listed above.  The last time we were at a restaurant with a ton of people, we ended up playing hangman on the back of out place mats to keep everyone busy while orders for the 15 people we were with were filled. 
  3. Extra hair tie – Not just because we have all girls.  This thing can be used as a rubber band or as a hair accessory.  You can use it to tie down anything that you would use a rubber band for. 
  4. Mints – For upset tummys or coffee breath.  They are multifunctional and can save you from cleaning vomit off of your shoes. 
  5. Chapstick – In the winter, this is especially important.  Someone will have lips that burn, that will bring on the water works if you are not prepared.  Heck, it has saved me from a few hours of discomfort with my own chapped lips.
  6. Post-it Notes – For automatic toilets and can be used for notes and games.  These things are especially precious to me.  They have saved me from accidents and frustration.  Use a Post-it Note to cover the sensor on an automatic toilet and you do not have a frightened kid who refuses to pee.
  7. Juice boxes in the trunk of the car – I always keep a pack in my car.  When I don’t I end up spending $10 on drinks.  So, I keep some in the car at all times.  This way, when you have a thirsty kid, you can snag one out of the car.  This will even save you when you are at the store because you can always promise a treat when you get to the car.  It is a successful bribe to hold over a kid’s head.
  8. Pipe-cleaners – These things can be used for craft projects in the car.  They will keep the Tribe busy for about an hour before they get bored.  The bonus here is that you can usually get some pretty cool bags of them at the dollar store.
  9. A Sense of Humor – This is always needed, even at home. Because when dealing with 5 different people with 5 different personalities, inevitably someone is going to get their feelings hurt.  Pack your sense of humor to make sure it is not you.
  10. Extra bags – Make sure that you get those nice little one that fold into themselves.  They work great for collecting leaves, pine cones and rocks.  They also work well for carrying stuffed animals and books.  If you get them in cool colors, the kids will want to carry them instead of asking you to carry them.  Its a win-win really.

5 Responses to “The Wicked Step Mom Toolkit”

  1. Sammanthia

    I keep a flask in mine. Just in case.;)

  2. Sprite's Keeper

    Awesome list! I only have gum. For me. The kid is on her own. I need to work on that..

  3. Casey

    I would never have thought of the pipe cleaners… I used the notebook and pen idea to entertain my 2 year old at the 2 hour allergist appt yesterday, worked like a charm. They also put on Blues Clues which didn’t hurt either.

    Great list!

  4. movindowntheroad

    i totally carry post it notes in my handbag

  5. Tricia

    OMG!!!! the post it note for the toilet sensor just saved EVERY single future car trip we take where we’re forced to stop in public rest areas. This is BRILLIANT!!!

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