Stories That Need to be Told: Part 3

This is one of my favorite stories about Bear.  It really shows the way that he looks at those he cares about.  When The Mother Hen was born, Bear was a young man.  He really was still a kid in a few ways, but that changed when she was born.  He was the first to hold her at the hospital.  If you ask him, he can still tell you what book he was reading while waiting for her to arrive and what he had for lunch that day.

Bear had heard about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and was scared.  When they got home from the hospital, he refused to put her down.  He was too afraid that if he put her down, she would get hurt.  For three days, he stayed awake holding her close and watching her to make sure she was okay.   By the third evening, his best friend was starting to worry about him because he knew that Bear had not slept.  So, he came over to their home.  He said “Man, you have got to get some sleep.  You can just put her in a crib on her back and she will be fine.”  Bear refused.  Finally, his friend said, “I will hold her while you sleep for a few hours.”  It took some convincing but he finally slept.  Everyday for the next week, his friend would come over to hold onto The Mother Hen for a few hours so that Bear could nap.  Finally, Bear put her in her crib and watched over her for several nights before he felt safe enough to sleep himself.

4 Responses to “Stories That Need to be Told: Part 3”

  1. HeatherPride

    Brings tears to my eyes!! What a sweet, sweet story.

  2. Sprite's Keeper

    Wow, all three girls are lucky to have him for a daddy!

  3. Casey

    That is so sweet. I love that you’re recording all of these stories for the girls to read.

    We were terrified of SIDS and I would sit there and stare at my kid all night. Then, I wised up and put the monitor right next to his crib so I could watch his chest move up and down but it took several months of panicking to finally get over the fear and get some rest.

  4. Tricia

    This is simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing this!

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